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Audrey's professional passion: everything to do with software topics. As a career starter at Compart, she now lives out her interests daily in software testing and can build up a valuable expertise.

Audrey, Software Test Engineer & Young Professional

You recently completed your business information technology studies and then directly joined Compart. How did you come to Compart?

The classic way. Through online job portals I came across the Compart job ad and was immediately convinced that the job was very well suited to me in terms of content. Apart from the job requirements, other aspects of the company also aroused my interest. An individual development, trust and respect as well as flexible working hours immediately caught my attention in the advertisement. Besides, a visit to the Compart homepage and Kununu gave me an even better overall picture. I quickly realized that Compart and I were a good match in the next steps. For example, when it came to getting to know each other personally on site. Even at the reception I was greeted with such appreciation that I immediately felt people people are taken seriously here. What was still theory at the time of my first contact with Compart, I now experience every day in practice.

"Compart is a company where I can grow together with my colleagues. Every day I learn more and more. I like that very much. The learning curve I can observe here is enormous."


"Innovative approaches are wanted here and that's what I like about my job. I am exactly where I want to be."

How did you experience your entry at Compart?

My start at Compart was very pleasant. I was surrounded by nice colleagues from day one. I am enthusiastic about the way they interact with each other and the good working atmosphere here at Compart. In addition, I was given a colleague as a contact person for my entire orientation phase right from the start. This meant that I was always able to turn to someone directly for all my questions. This is still possible to this day, by the way. Weekly discussions with my direct supervisor gave me additional input, allowed me to pose further questions and always found an open ear. In addition, I have taken part in various training courses. This was helpful and relevant for my entry at Compart, in order to get a better overview.

What do you like about your job in software testing?

At the age of 19, an acquaintance from Cameroon inspired me with his passion for software and his impressive competence in the IT area. Through his example, I decided to study business informatics in Germany. Software has always interested me a lot and I was able to gain practical experience in software testing during my studies – although this was in the automotive sector. It was important for me to expand my knowledge in new tasks and new business areas. Therefore, I wanted to start my software testing career in a completely new product category. Compart products make it possible to process, distribute and access documents and content of any type and format in any system and channel - in other words: to make customer communication omni channel-capable and future-proof. How do you test such programs and components? The question had made me curious. At Compart, innovative approaches are always in demand. Every day I use tools I have never been in contact with before. I also enjoy playing with programs with different parameters to find development errors. By discovering the errors, I, as a software test engineer, do my part to increase the quality of our products. I want to be challenged by my tasks, this is the only way I can develop myself further.

What makes your work special?

Agile work allows us to react to market changes within the shortest possible time. My team implements customer feedback in cooperation with our developers very quickly. New functions or further developments must meet certain requirements that have been defined beforehand. I work out the Jira tickets created from these requirements by configuring and implementing the test cases. I also take care of test maintenance, checking and maintaining the existing tests.

I am part of a Scrum team and actively participate in many meetings. In my Scrum team, I am the only representative of the Test department. This is a great responsibility, which I was allowed to take over after only 9 months at Compart as a career starter.

"It makes me proud that I have been given a lot of trust here."

How does communication work in your international team?

Our team consists of an exciting mix of people with different nationalities: Whether Greek, British, Russian or German – we are a very international team and enrich each other very well. Our common language is English. Of course, topics are often approached differently by different nationalities and, as in any team, there are sometimes misunderstandings. If you don't understand each other in one point, discussions are sometimes louder, but this is always related to tasks. In the end, however, the values and goals remain the same.

"We enrich each other because we all bring an exciting mix of diffrent skills, experiences and backgrounds. And in the end the values and goals remain the same."

Audrey, born 1992
Software test engineer at Compart

Audrey moved to Germany from her home country of Cameroon for her studies in business informatics at the Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences. She wrote her bachelor thesis on test automation. Audrey is now employed at Compart as a software test engineer. Above all, the opportunity to constantly learn, is decisive for her: "I have been given challenging tasks from the first week of work. Since I am very ambitious, it encouraged me that I was given a lot of credit right from the start."

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