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What has always distinguished Compart, is, that it is always up to date with new technologies and trends. This suits me very well, because, I too, would like to continue to develop myself further constantly and be at the cutting edge of innovations.

Hartwig, Product Owner

You have been with Compart for over 25 years now. What makes your work at Compart exciting and challenging even after so many years?

Compart is always concerned with new technologies and trends and ranks as a driving force in our field. Through this focus on innovation, I have learned several programming languages and worked with different operating systems over the years. Since I also want to develop myself further constantly, this fits me very well. Currently I am again dealing with a completely new technology. For our new product DocBridge Gear it is necessary to become familiar with "NodeJS". For this purpose, an in-house training was specially organized for us. Since then, it’s time to get cracking and apply the basic knowledge of the new technology and language. It feels like going abroad with the basic knowledge of a foreign language and starting to speak it. This is the only way to learn the foreign language really well in practice and immerse yourself in the new environment.

"For over 25 years, Compart has been responding to my individual needs and development potential – by the way, this applies to all employees at Compart."

"I could always rely on Compart. Even during the transformation phase towards "agile" software development, Compart supported me in finding my new role."

Have there ever been difficult times that you have experienced with Compart?

In the long time at Compart, many things have changed and developed. For example, the processes of software development. The changeover from classic software development to modern and "agile" software development was not always easy and also had an impact on the hierarchical structure of the development organization. By switching to agile work, an entire hierarchy level is actually eliminated as a consequence. This is not without consequences for a medium-sized company. Compart has taken a good middle course here and has decided on structures which suit us well. We are now "compart-agile". During this transformation phase, I was given a new role and changed from project manager to product owner, in order to focus specifically on the further development of e.g. DocBridge Impress.

Looking back over the last 25 years, is there anything that has always remained the same? What has changed?

What has remained the same at Compart since its founding: Our founder and CEO – Harald Grumser. He is a constant at Compart and is still actively involved in its development. I have known Harald Grumser for longer than my wife – since 1989 – and was there when a small group met at a regulars' table and decided to found Compart. 3 months after founding Compart, I joined the team. Compart has always developed very "customer-oriented", i.e. customer requirements are very often implemented in an uncomplicated and prompt manner. Great emphasis has also always been on the working environment. There are free drinks and fruits, very well equipped workplaces with hardware and software and enough opportunities to communicate with each other. The attitude and development towards the topic of "home office" has changed for the better. The change in the working world and society towards more mobile work was also noticeable in our company. Compart has opened itself up to this topic in recent years and it is much easier today than it was back then to take home office days.

In which area have you developed most? How has Compart supported you in this?

I started at Compart as a software developer and then gained the confidence to prove myself hierarchically as a team or group leader. In the process, I realized that I enjoy working in teams and that I enjoy leading teams.

Professionally, I have tackled the topic of project management as my priority topic. Compart provided me with full support in terms of time and money, including the certification as "Certified Project Manager IPMA Level C".

Compart is always very interested in ensuring that every employee can grow and develop. For example, I was able to attend seminars, workshops and further education measures in all areas, from soft skills training to project management training.

"Since I joined Compart, I wake up in the morning with a good feeling and look forward to making a difference here. I am proud to work here."

Hartwig, born 1965
Product Owner

As a certified mechanic, Hartwig had already gained various professional experiences before joining Compart. During his further training as a computer science technician in Stuttgart, he met Harald Grumser, the founder and CEO of Compart, through a fellow student and began his career at Compart shortly after the company was founded. In his career at Compart, Hartwig has held various positions: starting in the area of system development, through project management, he is now Product Owner, the link between product management and development and is responsible for ensuring that the requirements of product management are successfully implemented in development.

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