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We Build Bridges between People, Companies, and Systems – with Future-proof Software Solutions for Automated Omnichannel Communication.




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1 Our core expertise
2 Corporate structure and international presence
1 Our core expertise
Omnichannel Customer Communication Management

Since Compart was founded in 1992, our team has focused on one goal: making our customers' handling of data, documents, and customer communications reliable and convenient while constantly exceeding their expectations.

To achieve that, we develop, sell, and implement scalable, high-performance, and easy-to-integrate software solutions that receive, create, process, check, validate, control, and deliver any type of document, in large numbers and on any communication channel.

Automated, standardized, future-oriented.

We build bridges between:

  • documents in the analog and digital worlds,
  • legacy investments and technological progress,
  • companies and their customers’ communications on any channel,
  • customers’ internal infrastructure and external systems,
  • services and their open programming interfaces, such as API.

In short, we build bridges between today’s requirements and those of tomorrow. Our mastery and use of the newest technologies and our deep understanding of service ensure you are always working with the best possible solution.

You, too, can join us and shape the future of your communications!

2 Corporate structure and international presence
Everything from a single source

Compart’s headquarters is in Boeblingen, Germany, where our company was founded. That’s also where almost all our software development, as well as product management, support, marketing, finance, and administration are located. About half the company’s employees work in research and development, providing our customers with efficient solutions at the highest technological level and ensuring our leadership in the industry.

Compart has subsidiaries in Germany, France, Spain and the U.S., which provide customer support in pre-sales, sales, professional services, and partner management throughout northern and southern Europe, North America, and Latin America.

More than 1,500 customers from nearly 50 countries use our software. Our customers are in industries that include banking, insurance, utilities, public administration, telecommunications, logistics, print service providers, and government. We are also a technology partner for numerous leading manufacturers.

We Are Living Values

Integrity & Reliability

Integrity & Reliability

We treat each other fairly, we value open and honest communication and stick to our promises. You can count on Compart, especially in critical times.

Responsibility & Results

Responsibility & Results

We take responsibility - everyone stands for their own results and for the results of the company.



We actively create open spaces for new approaches and innovation. We see change as an opportunity and are constantly looking for improvements.

Trust & Respect

Trust & Respect

We actively create open spaces for new approaches and innovation. We see change as an opportunity and are constantly looking for improvements.

We Take Responsibility

At Compart, corporate social responsibility means acting responsibly and sustainably, both socially and ecologically. For many years, these values have defined our relationships with customers as well as our partnerships, how we train our employees, and our technologies.


Cooperation with the Mosbach-Heidelberg Educational Center (BBW)
We support the BBW, which trains young adults with difficult educational backgrounds to become IT specialists and enter into IT careers. We provide training materials, offer on-site visits to our company, and make internships available.

Cooperation with the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Stuttgart (DHBW)
Since 2012, students have been able to complete the practical part of their training in software development, support, and presales at Compart. From the start, they are involved in our operations and work in multicultural teams. They not only acquire and deepen their specialist knowledge, but also the social skills they’ll need as a professional.

ECOfit certificate for corporate environmental protection
Compart is committed to environmental protection and the economical use of natural resources. In 2013, we were certified as part of the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg’s ECOfit program, which helped raise our employees’ environmental awareness and further optimize our energy use.

Resource-saving solutions
Digital technologies improve living standards by letting us design environmentally friendly and resource-conserving ways to live and work. Our software solutions support customers in their digital transformations so they can compete globally in the future while also contributing to sustainability.

Job bikes and public transport
We offer help with local public transport and bicycle leasing to support our employees’ getting around in environmentally friendly and cost-effective ways.

Support for associations
We support charitable associations and organizations in our area with donations, such as the Association for Children with Cancer Tuebingen and the Child Protection Association Boeblingen.

Free language courses for refugees
We are proud of our employees who took the initiative to create a “German first-aid course” at the peak of the migration movement in 2015 and 2016. They taught basic language skills for everyday life to several groups of refugees. This resulted in Compart receiving the 2016 Entrepreneur Award from the Boeblingen District Office and the Ministry for Social Affairs and Integration of the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg.

Named a top employer
Cornerstones of Compart’s personnel policy include long-term employment relationships, a balanced mix of experienced specialist staff and career starters, a conscious work-life balance, and a targeted professional and private integration of foreign employees. In 2019, 2020, and 2021, Compart was named a top employer among medium-sized companies by the business magazine FOCUS Business and the rating platform Kununu.

Continuing employee development
The "Compart Academy" is an integral part of our HR department with the aim of continuously developing Compart employees. A comprehensive range of training courses in the form of face-to-face seminars and increasingly also in digital formats includes both technical seminars and workshops for the development of soft skills as well as language courses in English and German.

Employee health protection
Our motto, "Let's care about your health," inspires special health days and campaigns at our Boeblingen headquarters. We provide gym membership subsidies, various sports offers, and free fruit to help keep employees healthy.


Dr. Wolfgang Köstler

Chief Executive Officer

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"We live up to our values of accountability, integrity, trust, and always being customer-centric in our daily business. Delivering on our promises makes us a trusted and valued partner. Our customers can always count on us."

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Christof Mayer

Chief Research Officer & Founder of Compart

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"By continuously matching emerging external technologies with our technical visions, and by taking scientific approaches, we create innovations that provide customer value in a sustainable future."

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Thorsten Meudt

Chief Technology Officer

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"The DocBridge product family meets our goals of developing products and solutions that not only master today’s requirements, but also fit seamlessly into changing IT landscapes and will remain sustainable far into the future."

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Reinhard Fischer

Chief Development Officer

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"Our goal is to make greater use of container technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes and OpenShift to make DocBridge the platform for customer communications of the future."

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Stefan Wagner

Regional Manager Northern European and North America Regions

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"Our mission is to develop customized solutions for automated customer communication on all channels, from inbound to outbound. Our DocBridge® product family and experienced professional services provide this."

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Karen Tremblay

President and CEO Compart North America, Inc.

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"Automation and advanced quality assurance technology enable organizations to scale their operations proficiently while maintaining consistent quality across a growing volume of customer communications."

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Philippe Filippi

Regional Manager Southern European Region

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"Through our Cloud and API investments, we take a pragmatic view of the ongoing evolution of customer communication infrastructures. We enable companies to seize the opportunities of the digital world while perpetuating the existing and putting the business user at the center."

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Our History

Automation, cloud and more - Compart remains innovative

Compart is expanding its focus, as reflected in a new strategy. The goal: End-to-end automation of processes in customer communication. Step-by-step, we continue to develop the DocBridge® product family in terms of cloud capability so we can offer even more microservices, which can be easily integrated into existing infrastructures, including cloud environments, via web APIs, or linked to third-party applications. That includes deployment and orchestration of solutions using Docker and Kubernetes. Compart is leading the way, again underlining its high level of innovation.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in input management

The new DocBridge® Conversion Hub solution allows for AI-based, end-to-end, intelligent automation in inbound communication. With almost unlimited format diversity, standardized message preparation from messenger services, images, and email attachments, as well as an OCR function for extracting content and metadata, this solution’s scope and intention goes beyond comparable conversion services.

More transparency in document production

New monitoring and reporting solutions keep the user informed on what’s happening in your document production. DocBridge® Gear is a platform for automating and modeling processes; DocBridge® Auditrack is a powerful, scalable software for monitoring, evaluating, and tracing customer communications in real time; and DocBridge® Resource Director provides the central management of document-related resources, including text modules, fonts, metadata, signatures, and footers.

Document design revisioned

Print and digital communication are often two separate worlds. The new DocBridge® Impress solution has a digital-first approach that represents a revolution in document creation. It’s a new stage of product development for Compart: Document creation is no longer oriented around a specific page format. Instead, from a single source, a document is created that is omnichannel-capable - both analog and digital - and accessible without restriction in any format.

Comparting's 10th anniversary

Comparting, the international conference for omnichannel customer communication, celebrated its 10th anniversary. Comparting started in 2005 as a small industry forum with around 50 participants, and went on to become one of the most important document and output management forums worldwide, with visitors from Europe, North America, and Latin America. It highlights the latest industry trends and technologies and is an important source of new solution approaches.

As document diversity increases, so, too, does the demand for quality.

Compart introduced DocBridge® Delta at Drupa in response to increasing personalization and complexity demands on document creation and processing. The easy-to-use software was designed for format-independent document verification and high throughput, and enabled various verification mechanisms. With DocBridge® Delta, customers had a high-performance and reliable solution that automated document comparison in the production environment.

The longed-for connection to the office world

Compart expanded its product range with DocBridge® FileCab, which allowed bank clerks, insurance companies, government agencies, and the like to transfer Office documents created locally on a PC to the company's central output management system for further processing. Customer benefits were enormous: significantly higher document quality, almost 100% process reliability, and lower costs.

Compart France is founded

Compart continued to expand. France was interested in high-performance, scalable, and platform-independent software for document and output management, so Compart established a subsidiary on the other side of the Rhine. Compart France SAS was born and offered Compart solutions and services to customers in France and other Southern European countries. Among the first Compart France customers was AXA, one of the world's largest insurance groups.

Off to the USA! The first foreign subsidiary was born

After an unexpected and overwhelmingly positive response to Compart's first trade show appearance at Philadelphia's AIIM on Demand 2006, and due to increasing U.S. and Canadian demand for Compart products, Compart established a North American subsidiary in Boston. That location took over customer support and expanded cooperation with integration and OEM customers in the region.

Helping to determine standards

Compart always asserted its solutions should be based on recognized standards, and has influenced the development and dissemination of those standards. That’s why the PDF/A Competence Center (now the PDF Association) was founded in 2006, which Compart and four other companies were involved with. Compart has also strongly supported and actively participated with other organizations from the start, such as the German Institute for Standardization (DIN), the Unicode Consortium, and the AFP Consortium.

Expansion of consulting & and professional services

In 2005, there was another milestone: Compart restructured, resulting in a parent company Compart AG, which focused on development, support, and partner support, and Compart Deutschland GmbH, which handled the project and service business in Germany. That allowed Compart to continue expanding both the project business and product development and offer everything - software, implementation, and consulting, as well as operation and maintenance - from a single source.

The document management world is becoming more digital

At the start of the millennium, a new trend became apparent: more and more business correspondence was being sent by email or made available in a portal. Compart addressed this in 2003 with DocBridge® Pilot. The software offered numerous expansion options in terms of output channel and document variety, and therefore a level of flexibility previously unknown. That allowed Compart to decisively shape the emerging output management market.

The DocBridge® brand is born

From the start, Compart’s goal was to develop a single technology that could process all formats and be used universally on the most important existing and future platforms. That was the technological basis for the new DocBridge® product family. The company’s first product, DocBridge® Mill, established itself as one of the most powerful conversion applications in document management and helped Compart become the field’s market leader in German-speaking countries.

From project to product

To support its customers even better, Compart made the final transition from system house to software manufacturer. The company adopted conversion technology as the core of its product range. They delivered the first converter, AFP to TIFF, to customers. In following years, Compart created conversion solutions for almost all common document formats.

The end of OS/2 marks a turning point

When IBM began to withdraw from the Small Office and Home market and OS/2, many customers switched to other operating systems. It was a new challenge for Compart. Customers benefited from Compart's specialists’ extensive know-how, which they had developed as part of the Impos technologies. However, in addition to platform changes, document management requirements became more complex and that, too, led to profound changes at Compart.

Impos became the world market leader with its OS/2 image processing software

Just one year after Impos was founded, the company launched its first product: Impos/2, an image processing software for OS/2. Through a reader campaign at the trade magazine OS 2 Inside, the product sold more than 3,000 copies. That same year, the successor product Impos/2 2.0 was released. With around 30,000 installations worldwide, the image processing software was one of the leading solutions of its kind. More than 70% of all ARD stations, for example, used Impos/2 in their press archives.

It always starts with an idea

Harald Grumser (presently Compart’s Chief Executive Officer) and Christof Mayer (now Chief Technology Officer) were certain they had the right ideas for the 1990s IT world. Together with three other tech enthusiasts, they founded Compart Systemhaus GmbH. Initially, their core business filled a gap in the market for services for the OS/2 platform. They soon developed their own applications for the platform, which laid the foundation for today's Compart as an independent developer of software solutions.

Our Solutions

Whether it’s insurance companies, utilities, retailers, or print service providers, our technologies make complex document production and omnichannel customer communication efficient, reliable, transparent, and compliant.

Are you currently planning a project? Would like to discuss your ideas with us?


The Forum for Omnichannel Customer Communication

With its focus on customer communication management and omnichannel document management (input, processing and output), Comparting has attracted companies of all sizes and industries since 2005.
Trends, user reports, innovations, live demos, and networking.

Six Reasons,
Why Our Customers Rely on Compart


We are an owner-managed company with a solid financial base, and we place great value on customer satisfaction. Our focus is always on long-term and trusting business relationships, compliance with current data protection guidelines (GDPR), and sustainable actions.


Our customers enjoy future-oriented solutions based on modern technologies that include cloud, API, and omnichannel. We invest the majority of our resources in development and product management, laying the foundations for a long-term technological leadership position in the industry.

Investment protection

Advances in digitalization are permanently changing how businesses and customers communicate. Compart solutions allow companies and government agencies to bridge the gap between analog and digital documents and transfer legacy applications to modern IT infrastructures.


As a successful presence in the market since 1992, we are a recognized specialist in data flow related to document and output management. Around 1,500 customers in 50 countries, from a vast variety of industries, use our solutions. With our deep technology know-how as well as extensive practical experience, we are always able to help our customers find the best solution for their company.


Users appreciate that our solutions can process almost every common document format. Our software is compatible with all operating systems and serves all analog and digital input and output channels. Our solutions’ scalability and modular structure means they are easily adapted to a company’s individual needs as well as changing market requirements.


Our solutions enable companies and government agencies to automate their document handling processes end-to-end, which increases productivity and significantly reduces costs.


Compart sets standards. Our association and organization memberships.

Inspiring Success Stories

What Our Customers Say

„The solution from Compart prepares large quantities of data very quickly and reliably and supports all the document formats that exist in the enterprise."

Carl Oelker VHV Group
Carl Oelker
VHV Group


„The great advantage of Compart’s solutions is, in addition to high scalability and performance, above all its flexibility, which is reflected not least in its omnichannel capability."

Philip Achermann Swisscom
Philip Achermann


„The risk of job mix-ups, misprints, and incorrect mailings drops to zero with DocBridge Pilot."

Oliver Helfrich thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG
Oliver Helfrich
thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG


„DocBridge Pilot is quite scalable and can be integrated into any conceivable IT infrastructure. What really convinced us is how we can modify the performance of the solution depending on how low or high our mail volume is."

Oliver Winkelmann QITS
Oliver Winkelmann


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