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How Five Organizations Solved Their Complex Document Output Challenges

Issues and challenges in output management

How 5 Companies Solved Their Complex Document Output Challenges

How 5 organizations implemented best practices in output management

The issues and challenges organizations face in output management have changed drastically over the past few decades. Much of this change is directly related to the increased importance of electronic documents and the complexity of today's marketplace for both users and suppliers.

From the creation of a document through revision, delivery to recipients and archival, output management comprises a substantial investment of time, staffing, IT, and financial resources.

Topics covered in this paper include

  • Challenges and Opportunities in Output Management
  • Mastering Legacy Data on Modern Print Streams: World Marketing, Inc.
  • Raising the Bar on Variable Data Accuracy and Efficiency: Data-Mail
  • Gaining Confidence in Variable Direct Mail Production Quality: Japs-Olson

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