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Webinar: Why Accessibility Needs to Be the Standard in Customer Communications

Date: October 27th, 12 ET

What to Expect in the Webinar

Countless regulatory deadlines are pending for organizations to ensure that their services and communications are accessible to people with disabilities. These accessibility requirements state that any document, web page or form that an organization shares with its customers, needs to be easy to consume by a person with disabilities. This webinar will explain the importance of accessibility in communications from the perspective of the consumer, regulatory requirements and the commercial advantages that accompany compliance. The webinar will than provide an overview of the solution requested by the Internal Revenue Service that states, “to make the Taxpayer Notices process more efficient, to meet all accessibility requirements, and to adhere to the IRS production tax season deadlines. DocBridge® Solutions are the highly integrated components that make up the unique and highly successful IRS implementation using proprietary software and custom coding to meet the requirements of the Taxpayer Notices Project. These proprietary DocBridge® software solutions are designed by Compart, manufactured by Compart, and supported by Compart.”

Target Group

This informative webinar is designed for executives, IT managers, business users, and content designers in businesses and government agencies who need or want to make their communications compliant with accessibility regulations. According to the US law, accessibility requires that all people, without discrimination, have access to “the full and equal enjoyment of the goods, services, facilities, privileges, advantages, or accommodations of any place of public accommodation.”


Brian Gasteier, President & CEO Compart North America
Sheri Byrne Haber, Head of Accessibility, VMWare
Tim Riordan, Professional Services Engineer, Compart North America
Tim McKee, Professional Services Engineer, Compart North America

Language and Duration

English / Webinar duration approx. 70 min

Background information

When it comes to Customer Communications Management, transactional communications and documents, such as financial statements, bills, tax documents and others, that need to be produced on time and at scale for millions of recipients, present. One of the key challenges when it comes to ensuring accessible communications revolves around transactional communications or documents such as bills, tax documents and financial statements, just to name a few. Documents such as this are typically one-way communications and need to be produced for millions of customers on time and at scale, creating a variety of issues. Ensuring these communications are compliant, is not the only motivation. The incentive to achieve accessibility goes far beyond just ensuring regulatory compliance. It is also about successfully achieving customer engagement and guaranteeing that an organization’s digital assets are accessible to their entire customer base. To ensure these CCM solutions are compliant, organizations need a technology partner capable of providing a variety of compliant formats, reliably and in a cost-effective way.

Accessibility in CCM

Overall, accessibility requirements encompass any communication or service that is provided by an organization to its customers. This includes physical services, service centers, retail, governmental offerings, digital assets and so on. When it comes to Customer Communications Management, organizations must make every effort for accessibility in any communications that are meant to be consumed by its customers – such as printed or electronic statements, account updates, bills, payment notifications, etc. In addition, all digital properties such as documents, communications via email or text, as well as websites and mobile apps (which in the US are considered “places of public accommodation”) must be accessibility compliant.

Brian Gasteier

Brian Gasteier
President & CEO Compart North America

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