Unicode Character “🮥” (U+1FBA5)

Name:Box Drawings Light Diagonal Upper Centre to Middle Right to Lower Centre[1]
Block:Symbols for Legacy Computing, U+1FB00 - U+1FBFF[2]
Plane:Supplementary Multilingual Plane, U+10000 - U+1FFFF[2]
Script:Code for undetermined script (Zyyy) [3]
Category:Other Symbol (So) [1]
Bidirectional Class:Other Neutral (ON) [1]
Combining Class:Not Reordered (0) [1]
Character is Mirrored:No [1]
HTML Entity:
  • 🮥
  • 🮥
UTF-8 Encoding:0xF0 0x9F 0xAE 0xA5
UTF-16 Encoding:0xD83E 0xDFA5
UTF-32 Encoding:0x0001FBA5