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Professional Services

We provide planning, project management, integration and other customization services to help you smoothly integrate your Compart solution with your business processes.

Compart Professional Services' goal is to partner with your existing technology teams and provide support, expertise and project leadership.

We provide project planning, project management and project work to get you up and running and help you become self-sufficient. We can also provide outsourcing services when your team is over burdened. Our professional service experts are skilled in the design of efficient and customer-specific output management solutions.

Our tried-and-tested methodology follows a project management process for each phase of the implementation. This guarantees that the required standards are fulfilled during the entire project. A dedicated project manager will coordinate the implementation and monitor all project phases, including planning, trouble-shooting and overseeing each milestone to deliver the project ‘on time’ and ‘on budget’.

Integration Services

Our experts will help you find the right output management solution and conduct proof-of-concept evaluations.

With an increasingly complex enterprise infrastructure, balancing document and output requirements with cost, integration, time and the inevitable compromises takes considerable expertise.

Our Integration Services experts can conduct a thorough analysis of your information delivery environment, assess your communication needs and work with you to establish the requirements for your output management solution. With this information, our experts will help design an output management strategy with a flexible, modular architecture where ever possible. Our goal is to provide solutions that meet your needs now and in the future.

Once we’ve identified the right output management solution, we’ll work with you to conduct proof-of-concept tests to verify the performance of the recommended solution.

Compart is here to answer your questions about DocBridge products and solutions during all phases of the integration consultation. And Compart will be there long after acceptance. Just ask our existing customers.

Support Services

We’re here to support you 24/7 - in any location with guaranteed response times.

At Compart, we take pride in our world-class customer support. We understand that your success depends on your ability to leverage the powerful features of our DocBridge products. We’re dedicated to delivering knowledgeable, courteous and responsive support when you need it.

We’re here to support you with multiple plans, even 24/7, anywhere in the world, in various languages. Whether it’s helping to prevent problems before they occur or responding to issues after they arise, our response team of experienced specialists is standing by with information and assistance so you can get your questions answered and concerns resolved and get right back to business.

You can contact our response team by telephone, email or through the website support portal. Either way, you’ll have access to expert technicians who are committed to providing rapid, interactive problem-solving.

Education Services

Maximize the efficiency of your most important asset – your people

Ensuring that your employees are well-trained is an essential part of any output management solution from Compart. To help you take full advantage of the capabilities of the DocBridge products quickly and efficiently, Compart offers a variety of technology and product seminars.

Whether you are a new or existing customer, we can help you design a complete training plan for your organization that will help you maximize your return on investment and increase productivity.

General Technology Training

Compart provides "basic knowledge" classes on color basics, regular expressions, electronic signatures and XML / XSL / XSL-FO, in addition to seminars on topics such as JavaScript as a precursor to Compart-specific product workshops.

Product-Specific Training

The product workshops are designed to help you configure the Compart products in accordance with your company's output management requirements. Within the scope of the workshop, both general processes and customer-specific solutions will be discussed.

Deeper Dive: Data Stream Workshops

The data stream workshops focus on intensive development and characteristics of the individual data streams (AFP, PDF, PCL and PostScript). This knowledge can be used for analysis and in the event of faults.

Training Location

We offer our seminars and workshops for delivery at Compart training facilities or on-site at your company.

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