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How to Cut Costs Permanently

Reduce Costs

Companies can reduce the cost of printing and shipping their documents by up to 30%.

The Solution

A desktop application called DocBridge® FileCab with which document writers can send their customer communication directly from the PC to a centralized production print center or archive.

Take the Example of WWK Life Insurance

Germany's "Best Life Insurance Company" embedded its individual correspondence into central document production. The benefit: higher productivity and clerical process reliability as well as considerably lower production costs.

Your Customer Documents, From Anywhere to Your Print Environment

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Central Processing of Office Documents

Achieving greater productivity and process reliability was the primary reason for WWK Lebensversicherungen to embed its individual correspondence in batch processing. The central hub is an output management system (OMS) that "cooperates" with the software DocBridge® FileCab, which collects all locally created correspondence, validates and transfers it to the OMS. A plausibility check is integrated into the workflow so that the agent's risk of creating faulty documents tends to zero.
Since these structures were established, processing times in the individual departments have dropped dramatically. The WWK Lebensversicherung anticipates a return on investment (ROI) within 12 months. Find out how it works and read the case study in our white paper

Central Processing of Office Documents

Why DocBridge® FileCab?



Save the complete documentation of the communication history: tracked, traced and metadata archived for the purposes of audits and confirmation

Postage Savings

Postage Savings

By embedding individual correspondence within the production mail process, every mail piece qualifies for postage discounts

Control and Compliance

Control and Compliance

Use the rule-based quality check, so the company can be more secure that you are complying all standards and practices

Boost Productivity

Boost Productivity

Eliminate mundane activities like printing, enveloping, franking, to free human resources to concentrate fully on their core business role

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See how efficient adding ad hoc documents to central print processing can be.

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