Compart - Document- and Output-Management

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Solutions for cost-saving and reliable print production of the highest quality


Print Workflow - Onboarding New Print Jobs

Postage Optimization

IT-supported pre-sorting of mail including electronic franking according to the regulations of different mail service providers.

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Color Management

Color management in document processing.

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Print Stream Conversion

Software solution for speedy and reliable preparation of any type of document for every digital and physical communication channel.

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White Paper Production

Producing documents on white paper considerably reduces process costs and increases delivery reliability.

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Meaningful data about a document are key to automation.

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Regression Tests

Intelligent analysis tools for document quality control of content and visual appearance.

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Rule-Based Tests

Automatic and IT-supported tests are the basis for conformant documents of any type.

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Template-Based Document Testing

The automatic comparison of files of different length and structure makes document quality control more reliable and flexible.

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Document Analysis

Validate quality of complex, high-volume documents quickly and accurately.

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