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Optimize Postage for your Customer Correspondence: Maximum Savings of Postage Costs by Consolidating Bulk Mailings

IT-supported presorting of mail including electronic franking according to the regulations of the Deutsche Post and other mail service providers

Why not consolidate your mailings and benefit from lower postage costs?

An medium-size business in Europe spends an average of 100 million euros a year on postage. Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy double-digit postage savings? Postage costs can be cut by up to 20 percent, provided the mail is sorted properly and taken to the nearest letter center. Furthermore, postage costs really drop when you bundle different documents to the same recipient into one mailing. But that requires technological support. With a daily volume of several hundred thousand letters or more, implementing delivery and electronic franking of Infopost, Variomailing, Infobrief, Brief National, and Brief International is next to impossible.

Maximum postage optimization begets minimal postage costs!

The fact is that partial services to consolidate bulk mailings (presorting/delivery) bear considerable savings potential in postage costs. The larger the volume and the more tasks you assume yourself, the greater the savings. The Deutsche Post AG (DPAG), for example, gives an 18 percent discount on daily volumes of over 25,000 letters if the company delivers them to the letter center itself. And the savings add up even more if the letters are electronically franked!

Intelligent software solutions for dispatch and postage optimization offer support. They automatically identify the delivery data, prepare the mailings (including bundling, electronic franking) and create the technical prerequisites for enjoying even greater discounts from the postal service for completing the preliminary work. Companies are then in a position to benefit from discount agreements with mail service providers.

Postage optimization with Compart solutions

  1. Strong partner

    Compart cooperates with market leaders in address management and bulk mailing dispatch and integrates their solutions into the DocBridge product family,  in particular electronic franking products such as Infopost, Briefpost, and Variomailing from DPAG.

  2. Strong solutions

    DocBridge products offer other opportunities to save postage, including bundling documents of different types and formats into mailings to a single recipient.

  3. Strong expertise

    Compart has proven expertise in the preparation of documents of every type and format for delivery over all physical and electronic channels (analysis/modification, classification, conversion, splitting, mixing, and bundling).

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