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Keypoint Intelligence

Surveys conducted by Keypoint Intelligence reveals the biggest pain point in the production print workflow: the onboarding of new customer documents.

High Manual Effort

One large print service provider told us that they have 200 people inspecting new jobs – and that the smaller, less profitable jobs take just as long as the most lucrative jobs.

Automated Inspection

Compart offers a simple software solution to address the problem. “Inspector” has an input filter that reveals the hidden properties of an incoming data stream.

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Reveal the Hidden Properties of an Incoming Print Stream

How can print service providers estimate print costs with accuracy?
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Here’s the Problem

Companies that print large quantities of complex documents in many different formats (AFP, PDF, PDL, Metacode, PostScript, etc.) often do not have sufficient resources to comprehensively analyze the files.

Compart offers a simple software solution named DocBridge® Workbench for Mill Plus which reveals the hidden properties of an incoming data stream. The solution is so good at discovery that we nicknamed the software “Inspector.”

Inspector gives you reliable information at your fingertips and simplifies your document quality control, giving you automatic access to information such as expected ink consumption, page number/size, embedded fonts, simplex/duplex printing, color distribution within a file and much more.

Three Steps That Can Help You Onboard a New Client

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