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DocBridge Delta Analysis: Compart delivers analysis tool for high-volume production printing to the market

DocBridge Delta Analysis

DocBridge Delta Analysis, a software tool for analyzing print files of various formats (AFP, PDF, PCL, etc.) is now available.

It automatically identifies important data for high-speed printing such as number/size of pages, embedded fonts used, images used and the printing plex (simplex or duplex). DocBridge Delta Analysis will be debuted at the Compart booth at Hunkeler Innovationdays 2015 and will initially be available in English.

One of the most important features is the tool's capacity to determine colour distribution within a file. DocBridge Delta Analysis calculates the percentage of required CMYK colours for full-colour printing (relative to the individual page as well as the entire document). Furthermore, the analysis module recognizes all fonts, images, and graphics as well as the number and size of the pages. These results help in estimating printing costs.  This is ideal for sales teams to get an initial feeling for a job’s initial costing.  

Certain threshold values for the CMYK analysis can also be specified. DocBridge Delta Analysis then takes these parameters into account and reports when they go over the threshold. This provides a way to quickly identify documents and images contributing to a larger ink usage. This provides a better basis for determining whether a print job is cost-effective, or should be charged more for and gives the evidence to do so. This is particularly ideal when customers keep control of the design and composition of the documents.

DocBridge Delta Analysis is also a great pre-flight tool.  It runs through the complete job and can quickly highlight potential areas of issue. Can the document even be printed on the available system? Are modifications or changes necessary? Does the document contain all the necessary information (e.g. control characters for simplex/duplex, fonts)? The ultimate goal is to use this data to prevent misprints and to quickly spot problems before they cause production disruptions or costly mistakes.

DocBridge Delta Analysis is designed for high throughput and is particularly oriented to companies that print complex documents in large volumes and in various formats. The tool's major advantage is its ability to quickly and precisely analyze complex files.  

The solution is upgradable to a full DocBridge Delta solution at any time to provide the ultimate in Quality Assurance and testing tools for a print production operation.

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