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Metadata in Document Management

Meaningful data about a document are key to automation

Your documents don't speak XMP or ZUGFeRD?

The digitalization of document processing is proceeding apace, with the result that input and output processing are becoming more and more intertwined. Output management has been focused on producing and sending one's own documents reliably. Now we're forced to consider what data will make processing the incoming document easier for the recipient.

One important thing to remember is that every instance of media discontinuity results in a loss of data that has to be tediously restored downstream.

Give your documents wings! Embedding metadata greatly advances the automation of document processing.

The fact is that using the right data saves time and costs. A minimal set of meaningful information (e.g., unique document identifier) already accelerates electronic processing. Against this backdrop, ZUGFeRD is an important step on the path toward automation in document processing, even though it is limited to standardized exchange of electronic invoices. Even better is XMP because it can be used with every type of document, standardized or otherwise.


Because XMP packets contain a unique marker and, where possible, are saved in plain text.

That means that any application can read out the necessary metadata for further processing. In other words, neither the sender's nor recipient's application matters. All understand XMP.

The advantage: Automatic metadata read-out, whether from PDF, AFP, or an image file, greatly accelerates processing.

Compart – your specialist for metadata in XMP, ZUGFeRD, and other formats

  1. Are you looking for convenient tools to create and read metadata?

    • Compart's DocBridge product family incorporates the XMP model for virtually all popular data formats, such as PDF, PDF/A, PostScript, TIFF, JPG, PNG and XFF.
    • Compart solutions guarantee not to degrade output performance (including high-speed printing) when converting documents (such as PDF to AFP) with embedded XMP files.
  2. You want to implement XMP without a complete document processing overhaul?

    • Thanks to the modular nature of the DocBridge family, integrating Compart solutions into existing document management structures is easy and straightforward.
    • For every area of document processing in which XMP plays a role, Compart offers the appropriate support, including generating valid PDF/A files for long-term read-only archiving and automatic document comparison.
    • Customers benefit from Compart's in-depth knowledge of standard data streams.

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