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IRS Implements DocBridge® Solutions to Address Document Accessibility Compliance

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The Internal Revenue Service (IRS), a division of the Department of the Treasury of the United States of America, has chosen DocBridge® software from Compart to more efficiently deliver taxpayer notices.


Compart as Part of the IRS IT Modernization Plan

Compart, North America, in partnership with PrimeEdge Technology, Inc., and Westwind Computer Products, Inc., was awarded the Department of Treasury, Internal Revenue Service Notice Conversion contract to deliver taxpayer notices as part of the IRS IT Modernization Plan focused on making notices universally accessible to taxpayers via electronic communication channels and to ensure that the notices meet Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 508 compliance.

Compart, North America will provide its DocBridge® Mill Plus and DocBridge® Toolkit solutions along with professional services to assist the IRS with installation, configuration, and implementation of this critically important initiative.

"Communicating with customers the way they want to receive information is core to the solutions we provide at Compart. We are delighted to have been selected to provide our solutions to the IRS for this taxpayer notice conversion project. The fact that our software was specifically requested by name in the RFQ is a testament to the stability of DocBridge® platform and our dedication to open standards."

Brian Gasteier
CEO and President of Compart North America

Brian Gasteier, CEO and President of Compart North America

Compart, North America solutions enable customers to process, deliver, and access documents and content in any form and format and via any channel. The DocBridge® platform as a flexible and secure solution offers the features of a modern input and output document processing and, in particular, bridges the gap between legacy systems and ever-increasing demand of modern channel-oriented customer communications.

PrimeEdge Technology, Inc., a woman-owned small business, provides high quality business equipment, managed print solutions, and managed IT solutions to help customers reduce unnecessary expenses and boost employee productivity. PrimeEdge, with its many years of technology experience, assists customers with document management solutions and contemporary business ideas to delivery bottom line results.

Westwind Computer Products, Inc., is a dedicated provider of cutting-edge technology solutions tailored for government and enterprise business markets. With over 20 years of experience in taking a big-picture approach to provide the most appropriate IT and emerging technology solutions, Westwind partners with federal, state, and local agencies to meet their unique needs while ensuring a secure supply chain.

A "Swiss Knife" for Universal Document Processing
DocBridge® Mill Plus

DocBridge® Mill Plus is scalable software that empowers high-volume companies and organizations to reconcile different input formats with different output channels and prepare documents in a receiver-friendly manner.

DocBridge® Mill Plus analyzes, separates, classifies, indexes, modifies and converts data streams and documents of various origins and prepares them for display and output on all digital and physical channels, including Web, archive and mobile devices. DocBridge® Mill Plus supports all common document-processing formats including HTML5, which is becoming increasingly popular for display and output on electronic media, regardless of display and screen sizes. And: DocBridge® Mill Plus automatically generates valid barrier-free documents in PDF / UA format.

DocBridge® Mill Plus is made up of individual modules that can be combined in a variety of ways. This, as well as the graphically supported configuration interface, which offers a large number of modules, can be used to easily extend existing workflows with additional functions, for example, as new input and output formats are added. All modules are programmed in an OS-independent code and work the same way on all supported platforms.

All core functions are combined in one basic module. The objects of the input documents and their properties are picked up by format-dependent input filters. All desired edits can be format-neutrally configured, applied and converted via format-dependent output filters into the desired target formats. Mixing and adjusting different formats is done in one go.