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Legacy Systems in Document Processing

Close the gaps between old systems (legacy applications and systems) and modern multichannel output management

What do you do with your legacy output and document management systems when IT innovations emerge?

Does this scenario sound familiar? For years your company simply printed all your customer correspondence. Now suddenly certain documents must be sent electronically. Naturally you want to keep pace with the latest technologies.

The fact is we’re all reluctant to part with the tried-and-true. On the other hand, no company wants to lose its technological edge. And it doesn’t have to. Currently there are output management solutions that integrate new technologies into existing output and document management infrastructures with relative ease without tossing proven systems overboard

Replacing existing applications is risky, let alone upgrading document logistics in its entirety. Such ambitious projects often run out of steam and end up making output management structures more complex instead of simpler.

The transfer of legacy data is especially critical. What happens if the new archive system cannot completely read or process very old file formats such as Prescribe and the like?

Don’t toss proven processes overboard – legacy systems as a part of modern output management

Does setting up electronic delivery as a new communications channel really require a complete overhaul of document logistics? In addition to the costs such a project generates, considerable risks are involved. What happens if the new document output system suddenly no longer supports the old data streams and formats?

The better, and safer, solution is to combine the “old” world with the “new.” Just because some correspondence needs to be sent via new types of channels such as smartphones, etc., does not necessarily mean immediate replacement of applications for creating and formating documents.

Compart builds a bridge between your legacy applications and the modern output management world

  1. Data streams

    Compart has a wealth of expertise in all the popular data formats, grounded firmly in more than 20 years of experience in working with different output management structures.

  2. Integration

    Reliability and solidity are Compart hallmarks in integrating state-of-the-art technologies into legacy systems (old system, legacy applications).

  3. Investment security

    The DocBridge family of solutions is designed for the long term and high throughput, independent of the software and hardware platform.   Nothing is more future-proof.

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