Compart - Document- and Output-Management


DocBridge Queue Processor

DocBridge Queue Processor is a system designed to manage the processes centrally for printing or for processing in different ways. It has the capability to receive the jobs from different input channels or from manual submission. A configurable queue management extends the functionality of DocBridge Queue Processor to manage processes and reroute or distribute to different output channels. The DocBridge Queue Processor architecture is designed in such a way that it can easily be used in a context other than printing. In DocBridge Queue Processor, the importing of print jobs is decoupled from job distribution. The jobs received from different input channels, are managed in already configured queues, without doing any processing on these jobs. For example, multiple PDF jobs are received via LPR channel to a specific queue, and are transferred to an available AFP Printer via IPDS protocol. If no printer is available, then the queue keeps that job on hold until the device is available for printing. Based on configuration, the processed print jobs are moved into another queue for archiving or those jobs are retained for a specific period of time. Multiple devices having same properties can be grouped together in a single queue and multiple queues can also be defined for different purposes. Depending on the configuration, the jobs can be converted from one format to another format because of tightly coupled integration with DocBridge Mill Plus. The application is flexible enough to provide post processing functionality, so external application can also be integrated for further processing.

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