Compart - Document- and Output-Management



AFP (Advanced Function Presentation) is a set of licensed programs, together with user applications, that use the all points addressable (APA) concept to print data on a wide variety of printers or to display data on a variety of display devices. AFP includes creating, formatting, archiving, retrieving, viewing, distributing, and printing information. An AFP data stream (AFPDS) can consist of signs (1403 linedata), group documents (MO:DCA) with graphic contents or of a mixture of both. In the context of archiving projects AFP is important because AFP source documents are regularly stored electronically. Unfortunately the AFP format is not easy to grasp (e.g. compared to scanned documents). Beside the text, an AFP file with 5000 pages can also contain references to resources (fonts, graphics etc.) which are stored only once (not 5000 times over). Hence, the archiving system must either control the original AFP printing stream via resource management, or convert the AFP files into 5000 single files, e.g. in the PDF or TIFF format.

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