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Document Workflow Management

Central control of channel-friendly conversion, preparation, and optimization of different documents for batch and transaction processing boosts productivity and creates transparency

How do you manage your document processing?

In many companies, production printing and document processing occurs in up- or downstream systems involving numerous process steps or else they combine many individual steps into a single processing workflow.  The reason is often because they lack a central system that is modular enough to define and test the process steps once only and thereby substantially reduce complexity.

New requirements and communication channels make uniform processing between applications and document dispatch even more difficult. Generic workflow products often lack the specific functions and comprehensive data model needed to support document- and content-centric workflows.

What’s missing is a central “instance” that reliably coordinates and logs all workflows down to the individual document, thereby controlling and monitoring every processing step.

Boost productivity in document production with central document workflow management!

Print orders with AFP and PDF files should be distributed over as many IPDS printers as possible in a company. The goal is to prevent bottlenecks on the finishing lines and to simultaneously process multiple jobs, regardless of format and number of pages, while ensuring optimal machine utilization.

What’s to be done?

Central document workflow management systems offer support by grouping printers of comparable performance and with similar features (including format support) into a queue. The jobs are sent automatically from the system to a free printer. In short, these IT-supported “control centers” combine jobs from different input channels, organize them for the best utilization of the different printing lines, automate the associated workflows, and manage the interaction of the individual applications.

Benefits of a central document workflow management system include:

  • higher productivity and process security in output management
  • faster troubleshooting through cross-program problem analyses
  • lower processing costs by leveraging all existing software and hardware resources (including machine utilization) across the entire location
  • flexible completion of all work steps based on specifications
  • parallel processing of multiple orders
  • prioritization of time-critical jobs
  • freely definable steps for manual intervention and releases

Compart - for greater process reliability and better productivity in document production and batch and transaction processing

  1. Control center for document workflow management in production printing

    Control center for document workflow management in production printing:
    Compart offers systems for central management of different process workflows in output management. The solutions bundle all incoming jobs regardless of which channels or applications they come from, and prepare them for further processing while optimally utilizing resources. These solutions control not only print jobs, but jobs for other areas and channels as well, such as for conversion and archiving.

  2. All data formats

    The Compart matrix of input and output filters support the input and output of all popular data formats (including IPDS, AFP, PDF, PCL, etc.), making efficient job processing possible.

Print Workflow - Onboarding New Print Jobs

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