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Software solution for speedy and reliable preparation of any type of document for every digital and physical communication channel

Have you mastered your data streams?

What do you do when documents cannot be sent because their structure and format are not compatible with the parameters of the printing and enveloping systems? How can you extract invoices from specialized applications and prepare them efficiently for various digital and physical channels? How can you select a very specific document from a high-volume print data stream (spool) and display it on the PC without hefty investments in IT?

In fact, legacy IT infrastructures and applications often sabotage the quick and reliable preparation of documents of any type and format for multi-channel output. Classic document processing suffers from two basic phenomena:

  • Systems that generate documents are often heterogeneous, proprietary, and do not support all data formats and data streams.
  • Document creation and output today is still based on on the A4 page format, making deformatting necessary. Important structural information needed for downstream processing often gets lost in the process.

A single solution for every occasion: Universal document processing for every format and every channel

How can a company leverage its legacy systems to process documents regardless of type, format, content and source for output over every conceivable physical and digital channel? Scalable and platform-independent software solutions help analyze, classify, index, merge, and split documents as well as convert them from one format to any other.

Wanted: Software solutions that extract the metadata from the data streams and make it available for automatic processing.

Wanted: Solutions with Unicode capability that can recognize and process documents of every structure and language.

Stay flexible – with reliable document conversion and print data preparation from Compart

  1. All formats

    Compart has the most extensive matrix of input and output filters (AFP, PDF, IJPDS, PCL, etc.). Companies that use the solutions from the DocBridge family are able to flexibly and reliably process any conventional data stream in use today for input and output.

  2. Powerful performance

    The DocBridge family of solutions is designed for high-volume batch processing as well as for transaction processing.

  3. Comprehensive expertise

    Compart is one of the most experienced specialists in data stream optimization. The company handles virtually every popular format, relieving users of the burden of acquiring specialized knowledge.

  4. Innovative and future-proof

    Compart solutions are based on state-of-the-art technologies (HTML5, XML, SOA), are scalable, and are able to produce barrier-free documents in PDF/UA format. These technologies make possible device-independent document processing on all physical and electronic channels. They also support generating metadata in XMP, in turn promoting automation in document processing.

  5. Investment security

    Compart solutions are easy to integrate into existing (legacy) applications, thereby building a bridge between the old word and the new in multi-channel document management.

"The solution from Compart prepares large quantities of data very quickly and reliably and supports all the document formats that exist in the enterprise."

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