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WWF - World Wildlife Fund, Switzerland trusts Compart
for automated CCM solution leveraging Salesforce

CCM in the Cloud

Migrating classic business applications to the cloud can result in improved customer communication management strategies.

Document Composition Apps

Functional apps developed specifically for customer communication can be linked to Salesforce in the Cloud and integrated via API.

Printing from the Cloud - Is that Possible?

Using the and WWF Switzerland Usecases, experience how omnichannel-capable communications can be created, and distributed in printed and/or electronic form via the cloud.

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Access the Usecase video by filling out the below form. Immediately after submitting, the video will begin. The video demonstrates the creation and printing of postal documents directly in Salesforce (including preview and archiving).

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Document Creation via Salesforce

A successful architectural example for creating and printing documents from the cloud can be found at WWF (World Wildlife Fund). In the course of switching to the CRM platform, the organization was looking for a document management solution that would generate postal documents (correspondence, welcome and thank-you letters, goods accompanying slips, labels, payment slips with QR codes) directly in the cloud and print them in the company's data center in Zurich - and in three languages (German, French, Italian), which is typical for Swiss companies due to the multilingualism in the country. WWF Switzerland chose DocBridge® Impress because of the variety of document formats and output channels.

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The workflow between Salesforce and DocBridge® Impress at WWF Switzerland is relatively simple: The customer data required for document generation (e.g. private and corporate donors) is stored in the cloud ( DocBridge® Impress then calls Saleforce via a standard interface (REST API), importing the relevant data and incorporating it to the composition template.

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Digital-first approach of DocBridge® Impress:

The principle

With the Composition solution, documents can be created and sent to all relevant channels and displayed on different media. Each new document only needs to be generated once and is available for all channels seamlessly.

The architecture of DocBridge® Impress is based on the consistent separation between a web-based editor (Impress Designer) and the actual composition engine (Impress Engine). Thus, depending on the application scenario, both components can be used together or a direct connection of the Impress Engine to existing applications can be realized via web services (API).

DocBridge® Impress Designer

With this tool, the user designs the document template via an intuitive interface and, if required, adds layout details for the digital channels or print output.

The user can store business logic rules there and determine whether the document should be generally accessible (accessibility according to WCAG standard PDF/UA) and in which languages it should be available.

DocBridge® Impress Engine

The Impress engine merges the templates created in the designer or already available elsewhere with the variable data ("raw data") from business applications and creates the finished documents using the defined rules and the resources provided (images, text modules, etc.).

DocBridge® Impress represents a paradigm shift in document design: Creation is independent of a predefined page size and is based on open standards.

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