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Know Before You Go: Document Display for all Formats

At a Glance
Why DocBridge?
  • Overview
    DocBridge® View provides a unified view of documents of various types and sizes in a single software application. The tedious switching back and forth between different programs for the presentation of documents is eliminated.
  • Annotations
    With DocBridge® View, documents can not only be clearly displayed in a screen mask, but also directly and electronically provided with notes, comments and digital stamps (annotations). This makes the subject examination more convenient for the clerk.
  • Data and Metadata
    DocBridge® View makes it possible to extract various metadata from the documents and display it in the same screen as the actual document. These include, for example, printing information (simplex / duplex printing, output tray, paper type) as well as data on special formats such as AFP (NOP, TLE).
  • Compart = Comfort
    The annotation options of DocBridge® View (insertion of notes, comments, comments, etc.) make it easier for the clerk to access the documents, for example, when checking legally relevant files and documents (including entries in the commercial register).
  • Service
    DocBridge® View offers the option of retrieving the entire history of a business transaction from the archive, converting it "on the fly" if necessary, and displaying it in a format suitable for the clerk and in a single screen mask. Customer inquiries can be answered quickly and competently.
  • Performance
    DocBridge® View processes large amounts of data very quickly and reliably, regardless of the existing structures in document and output management.
  • Integration
    The display module of DocBridge® View is also available as a program library. Thus, the presentation of documents in existing applications can be embedded without a problem.
  • Resource Management
    Supports all resource references. For example, whether a character set is included in the display file itself, or only as a reference to an externally dropped one: DocBridge® View is able to render the file with the highest level of detail.
  • User Comfort
    DocBridge® View offers convenient operating and display options, i.a. a thumbnail, a "tree hierarchy" and the navigation in the index structure.
  • Accuracy
    DocBridge® View guarantees high on-screen display accuracy. This includes original fonts.
  • Flexibility
    DocBridge® View can be customized to meet specific user needs.
  • Investment Protection
    As a member of the DocBridge® Suite, DocBridge® View is based on advanced technologies and is continually evolving. This gives users the security of being state-of-the-art at all times.
At a Glance
Universal viewer software. View all common document formats in one application and edit with annotations - DocBridge® View
Why DocBridge?

DocBridge® provides high-performance, platform-independent and scalable software solutions for omnichannel customer communication and document management.

  • Experts for Omnichannel Document and Output Management
  • Bridge between the analog and digital document world
  • Digital first: state of the art document generation focused on electronic communication
  • Proven expertise in quality assurance, document conversion and mail bundling/postage optimization
  • Wealth of technology and consulting know-how for batch and individual processing

Headquartered in Germany, the company has been a market presence for 30 years, with subsidiaries and a network of partners in Europe, Africa, and North and Latin America.

Compart helps businesses create, produce and distribute documents using applications for compliant and efficient processing of large volumes of data in batch as well as transaction processes.

The DocBridge® product family that Compart develops, sells and supports covers the document and output management process from start to finish: creation, preparation, and output of information on every physical and electronic channel.

The company enjoys a reputation as a trendsetter worldwide. More than 1,500 customers from a wide range of industries in over 50 countries (including banks, insurance companies, energy suppliers, telecommunications companies, print service providers, public administrations, logistics, and healthcare) use Compart applications.

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Universal Document Viewer and More

DocBridge® View is a powerful and easy-to-use software for viewing and editing electronically stored documents. It can display single, multiple, or stacked pages. An outstanding feature is the support of all common file formats that are used for printing, storage and archiving. Each opened file is displayed in a separate view, but in the same screen. The loaded files can also be of different formats.

Since DocBridge® View is based on the proven DocBridge® CORE Engine, all input formats of the Compart matrix are supported. The user receives a uniform view of all these file formats.

All resource references are supported for the display of the documents. The display on the screen corresponds exactly to the printed and / or archived document. The usual internal and external resources for mixed-object formats such as AFP, such as overlays, page segments, media maps or form definitions or fonts are resolved true to the original.

For the font display, it is possible to switch between the display by system fonts of the same type and the display by fonts rasterized by DocBridge® View itself. Missing forms in the data stream can be "mixed in" for display and printing. Thus, the readability and display loyalty is further increased. Likewise, pages for printing can be provided with an additional text (eg "copy").

In addition to the actual document view, metadata of the documents is also displayed. This includes, for example, information that is important for printing (simplex / duplex, number of print copies, feed slot for the paper). Likewise, the AFP format displays the values of NOPs or TLEs.

Additional features:

  • Display the document pages in a hierarchical tree or in a thumbnail
  • Navigation in the index structure of AFP documents (eg TLE)
  • Selection, printing and e-mailing of individual pages
  • Display module also available as a program library - thus integration in specialized applications

DocBridge® View: View and Edit Documents of Any Type - In One Application

Display documents of all common document formats - whether AFP, PCL, PDF, JPEG, etc. Easy integration into existing environments and numerous annotation options make this multi-format viewer indispensable for companies that have to deal with many print streams and need to control the quality of these documents in any format.

One viewer for all formats. Display documents with the universal viewer software DocBridge® View.

The Software: Main Functions and Concept

Architecture and Components
Functions in Detail
Supported Formats
Trial Version
Architecture and Components

DocBridge® View

DocBridge® View is a universal multi-document viewer that can be used in a variety of document and output management environments through its rich integration capabilities and manageability. Due to his support of different mixed-object formats, he is one of the technological pioneers in this field.

All resource references are supported for the display of the documents. The display on the screen corresponds exactly to the printed or archived document. The usual internal and external resources for mixed-object formats such as AFP, such as overlays, page segments, media maps or format definitions or fonts are resolved true to the original.

DocBridge® View is a client-server solution. For companies looking for a web-based software for multi-format viewing, DocBridge® Document Viewer offers a worthwhile alternative. The advantage of the scalable and high performance solution: it can be easily integrated into existing applications and workflows and users access DocBridge® Document Viewer directly from their desktop via a browser.
More information about the web-based DocBridge® Document Viewer

Functions in Detail

What can DocBridge® View do?

The user interface basically consists of two elements:

Viewer Window

In it, the loaded documents can be displayed, no matter which format they have. The user does not notice, he ultimately sees the desired document in the format suitable for him. He can still select individual pages.

The viewer offers all functions necessary for the comfortable display of document pages such as scrolling, turning and zooming as well as scale-to-gray and own fronts of the fonts.

Document Navigation Window

It provides an overview in different views:

  • As a Hierarchical "Tree Structure"
    In it, the stacks, documents and pages are hierarchically structured, similar to the Windows Explorer.
  • As a Thumbnail
    Here all pages of the loaded documents are displayed sequentially as thumbnails.
  • Index View
    It is intended to display the index structure of AFP document batches where each document was indexed through TLE tags.
  • Page Group View
    It represents AFP documents summarized in their page groups (Page Groups).
  • More Functions
    Selection of individual pages or page areas that can be printed and sent directly by e-mail. Targeted text searches in the loaded documents as far as they contain text objects. The search results are color coded. Create and edit annotations, eg. B. marking surfaces, coverage areas, lines, texts, notes, stamp. Comment fields etc.
Resource Management

DocBridge® View is capable of faithfully reproducing the internal and external resources common to mixed-object formats such as AFP, such as overlays, page segments, media maps, or form definitions or fonts.

With regard to fonts, it is possible to switch between the display of system fonts of the same type and the display of fonts rasterized by DocBridge® View itself.

If the document contains a form to be printed but is missing from the data stream, an external form, which may be in one of the supported formats, can be added for display or printing. In this way, the readability and display accuracy can be increased. In the same way, pages for printing with an additional text such for example "copy" or "reprint" provided.


DocBridge® View can be configured from the outside as far as possible:

  • The tool can be called up by means of various control parameters. Thus, for example, document lists can be displayed with wildcard characters or the program interface can be adapted to the specific needs of the users.
  • Thanks to its DDE capability, DocBridge® View is an additional building block in another application, such as: For example, in an archive environment: There is an extensive list of function calls that can be used to tailor DocBridge® View to the needs of the application.

Current Releases

The DocBridge® family of products evolves on a regular basis to meet the latest standards, meet customer needs, and deliver future-proof innovation.

All current and past releases can be found in the customer area.

  • Current Release:
    DocBridge® View 2.0
Supported Formats

Supported Formats

  • AFP
  • HTML
  • PostScript
  • SVG
  • Grid formats
  • PDF
  • PCL 6
  • IPDS
  • PCL 5
  • (s. Compart Matrix)
Trial Version

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We offer a free online trial version of DocBridge® Document Viewer - the universal web document viewer software for all formats and print streams. Let us support you on the various application and integration possibilities.

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Application Scenarios

1 View Documents Regardless of the File Format
2 A Large Trade Association
1 View Documents Regardless of the File Format

To answer customer inquiries faster, employees should be able to access documents in the archive. A customer record contains all the correspondence in AFP format as well as scanned incoming mail.


DocBridge® View receives the documents from the archive. The parts of the file are displayed simultaneously in a hierarchical structure. The employee gets a complete view of the file and can view individual documents or pages independently of the file format.

  • Fast and professional handling of customer inquiries
  • View in a screen mask (no switching between simultaneously opened display windows)
2 A Large Trade Association
Universal Document Display with Annotation Options

One of the largest trade cooperative, partnership and association registers works with DocBridge® View, which allows documents of any format to be displayed in a single application. This makes it even easier for judges and judicial officers to check the documents and makes it easier for branch offices to use them. They particularly appreciate the solution's many annotation options and its ability to integrate seamlessly into existing IT systems.

„I'm always amazed at how many possibilities DocBridge View offers."

Angelika Hübscher Handelsregister Berlin
Angelika Hübscher
Handelsregister Berlin


Are you looking for a web-based multi-format viewer?

  • In this case DocBridge® Document Viewer could be the right one for your company
  • Users access the high-performance application directly from their desktop via a browser

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