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DocBridge® Mill Plus

Universal Document Processing for every format and every channel

The Genius of Mill
At a Glance
Why DocBridge?
  • Functional Scope
    Processing of documents of any format and origin for each digital and analog communication channel (analysis, classification, modification, separation / mixing, conversion).
  • Flexibility
    Optimal utilization of available printers according to the volume of documents, regardless of format.
  • Automation
    DocBridge® Mill Plus enables extraction and storage of metadata further advancing automation and standardization in digital document exchange.
  • "Building Bridges"
    DocBridge® Mill Plus empowers high-volume companies to reconcile different input formats with different output channels and prepare documents in a customer-friendly manner (bridge between analog and digital communication).
  • Universal Accessibility
    Automatic creation of valid barrier-free documents according to WCAG standard PDF / UA.
  • "Reengineering" of Print Data Streams
    DocBridge® Mill Plus prepares documents so they can be produced on any print line without the need for expensive changes, adjustments, and enhancements to the machines or formatting / composition tools.
The Genius of Mill
  • Scalability
    DocBridge® Mill Plus can be scaled to any size and is therefore particularly well suited for fluctuating order volumes.
  • Performance
    Powerful batch and single (transaction) processing in one software.
  • Investment Protection
    Easy connection of existing applications (legacy systems) and communication channels.
  • SOA and Cloud Computing
    The platform-independent solution supports service-oriented architecture (SOA) web services and is cloud-enabled.
  • User Comfort
    Intuitive user interface - no specific programming know-how required.
  • Color Management
    Support for ICC color profiles.
At a Glance

Take a look at the graph beneath illustrating the document conversion and processing.

Why DocBridge?

DocBridge® provides high-performance, platform-independent and scalable software solutions for omnichannel customer communication and document management.

  • Experts for Omnichannel Document and Output Management
  • Bridge between the analog and digital document world
  • Digital first: state of the art document generation focused on electronic communication
  • Proven expertise in quality assurance, document conversion and mail bundling/postage optimization
  • Wealth of technology and consulting know-how for batch and individual processing

Headquartered in Germany, the company has been a market presence for 30 years, with subsidiaries and a network of partners in Europe, Africa, and North and Latin America.

Compart helps businesses create, produce and distribute documents using applications for compliant and efficient processing of large volumes of data in batch as well as transaction processes.

The DocBridge® product family that Compart develops, sells and supports covers the document and output management process from start to finish: creation, preparation, and output of information on every physical and electronic channel.

The company enjoys a reputation as a trendsetter worldwide. More than 1,500 customers from a wide range of industries in over 50 countries (including banks, insurance companies, energy suppliers, telecommunications companies, print service providers, public administrations, logistics, and healthcare) use Compart applications.

DocBridge® Mill Plus - High-performance document processing and document conversion - One solution for transaction processing and batch processing.

DocBridge® Mill Plus is a product of the DocBridge® Production Suite

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A "Swiss Knife" for Universal Document Processing

DocBridge® Mill Plus is scalable document conversion and processing software that empowers high-volume companies and organizations to reconcile different input formats with different output channels and prepare documents in a receiver-friendly manner. Thus, DocBridge® Mill Plus bridges the gap between the old world and modern customer communications.

DocBridge® Mill Plus analyzes, separates, classifies, indexes, modifies and converts data streams and documents of various origins and prepares them for display and output on all digital and physical channels, including Web, archive and mobile devices. DocBridge® Mill Plus supports all common document processing formats including HTML5, which is becoming increasingly popular for display and output on electronic media, regardless of display and screen sizes. And: DocBridge® Mill Plus automatically generates valid barrier-free accessible documents in PDF / UA format.

The platform-independent solution supports service-oriented architecture (SOA) web services and guarantees high performance in both batch and transaction processing.

DocBridge® Mill Plus enables extraction and storage of metadata (such as XMP, ZUGFeRD), further enhancing automation and standardization in digital document exchange.

DocBridge® Mill Plus:
High-Performance Document Processing Software

Conversion and document processing with DocBridge® Mill Plus – whether in Batch or transactional – makes the handling of different file formats and different output channels tranparent, secure and flexible.

Automated document processing in batch or transactional mode and document conversion to different file formats for different output channels (Omni-Channel).

The Software: Main Functions and Concept

Functions in Detail
Architecture and Components
Supported Formats
Functions in Detail

Convert and edit documents with DocBridge® Mill Plus

  • Analyze, classify, split / merge, modify and convert
    documents of any format, type and content for all digital and paper-based media (output channels)
  • Extracting / generating metadata
    as a basis for automated further processing
  • Page and device (display) independent display
    of documents based on HTML5
  • Add text or graphic elements
    such as lines, boxes etc., images, logos, forms (overlays)
  • Change the page order
    within a document (eg from "first-to-last" to "last-to-first" and vice versa)
  • Rotate the page content
    "head-first" versus "foot-first"
  • Remove items from the document pages
    Either elements defined via areas or all texts, all lines, all pictures, etc.
Architecture and Components

DocBridge® Mill Plus

DocBridge® Mill Plus is made up of individual modules that can be combined in a variety of ways. This, as well as the graphically supported configuration interface, which offers a large number of modules, can be used to easily extend existing workflows with additional functions, for example, as new input and output formats are added.

All modules are programmed in an OS-independent code and work the same way on all supported platforms.

All core functions are combined in one basic module. The objects of the input documents and their properties are picked up by format-dependent input filters. All desired edits can be format-neutrally configured, applied and converted via format-dependent output filters into the desired target formats. Mixing and adjusting different formats is done in one go.


Current Releases

The DocBridge® family of products evolves on a regular basis to meet the latest standards, meet customer needs, and deliver future-proof innovation.

All current and past releases can be found in the customer area.

  • Current Release
    DocBridge® Mill Plus 2.16.2
Supported Formats

Supported Formats

  • AFP
  • HTML
  • PostScript
  • SVG
  • Grid format
  • PDF
  • PCL 6
  • IPDS
  • PCL 5
  • (s. Compart Matrix)

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Application Scenarios

1 Cut Processing Time from 5 Hours to 25 Minutes...
2 Preparation of Formatted Documents for Production Printing ("Re-engineering" of Print Data Streams)
3 Digital Accessibility in the Archive
4 Recurring Peak Load for which Additional Resources Are Needed in the Short Term (e.g. Credit Card Billing)
1 Cut Processing Time from 5 Hours to 25 Minutes...
KUBRA: Cut Processing Time from 5 Hours to 25 minutes...

KUBRA, the industry leader in digital and traditional billing and payment solutions, is expanding its use of Compart’s DocBridge® software solution to its iDoxs offering for Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP).

KUBRA now uses Compart software for two reasons:

  • to improve the print and mail process and
  • to transform files more efficiently for their iDoxs accounts, which is KUBRA’s EBPP solution

"We wanted do the pre-sort, barcode and add or remove messages and whatever else was needed directly in native AFP and send the files to print. Our initial project was just about AFP. But after a while we realized that we could also use Compart software to improve our process for clients who sent us PDF files."

Muhammad Ali Kazmi KUBRA
M. A. Kazmi


2 Preparation of Formatted Documents for Production Printing ("Re-engineering" of Print Data Streams)

Often, documents can not be printed because their structure and format are not compatible with the parameters of the printing and inserting lines. This concerns in-house printing as well as external service providers.


DocBridge® Mill Plus prepares documents for distribution on every production line without the need for costly changes, adjustments, and enhancements to the production machines or formatting / composition tools.

Benefits for the printing service provider

High flexibility with new customers - print jobs can be quickly integrated and processed at any time ("onboarding") - no investment in new machines necessary.

Benefits for the customer

Relief in document creation - no changes in formatting necessary.

3 Digital Accessibility in the Archive

Digital accessibility in the archive. Making archived documents that have evolved over time in various formats accessible.


An infrastructure that automatically and securely converts all document formats (such as PDF, AFP and HTML) into accessible PDF/UA and accessible HTML5. The focus here is not only on speed, but also on capacity. It ensures that several thousand users can access the documents simultaneously.


Benefits include compliance with current legal requirements, standardization of data storage, improved search and access options and seamless integration into existing systems.

4 Recurring Peak Load for which Additional Resources Are Needed in the Short Term (e.g. Credit Card Billing)

What do you do if, as a company, you repeatedly have to process several times the normal volume of documents at certain times, but you no longer have the computing capacity to do so?


With DocBridge® Mill Plus, companies have a tool that enables them to securely, cost-effectively, and flexibly adapt their capacity by virtualizing the servers within the corporate network. The existing physical resources are better utilized.


This eliminates not only the tedious setting up of new hardware components. Thanks to the distributed virtual server architecture with a central web interface, the user also keeps the overview of all processing jobs. The software also handles the automatic distribution of the different processing jobs to the individual servers, taking into account optimal resource utilization. At the same time, orders can be parallelized.

React faster on tips

The user therefore has the option to add and remove servers at will. In other words, if you use DocBridge® Mill Plus 2.1 for a specific initial volume, but at the end of each month, you need more resources, such as: the credit card statements too print, the solution can expand to these peak times.

Why Compart?

Expertise for data streams of all kinds

Struggling with digital transformation? Benefit from our over 30 years of experience transforming documents and print data streams


High-performance solutions for modern enterprise Omni-Channel document and output management

Trendsetters and Partners

Member of committees for the standardization of customer communication processes (AFP Consortium, PDF Association, Doxnet, Bitkom, Unicode, AIIM)


More than 1,500 customers in almost 50 countries

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