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Document Viewer

Web-based multi-format viewer for documents of any format and size

Ease of Use

Uniform view of all documents in an application. No switching back and forth between different viewer solutions


The software is freely scalable and can therefore be quickly and easily adapted to the current situation depending on the volume of documents and number of users.


Makes it possible to retrieve the complete history of a business transaction from the archive, convert it "on the fly" into a format suitable for the clerk if necessary and display it in a single screen mask.


Primarily aimed at organizations looking for an easy-to-integrate, web-based multi-format view software for a high or frequently changing throughput of different documents.

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Multi-Format-Viewer for Document Display

DocBridge® Document Viewer is a web-based solution for viewing and editing digital documents of any format and volume. The cloud-enabled application can be used to display and edit (e.g. rotating pages, zooming, opening multiple documents at once) individual pages as well as pages combined in batches, and can also be displayed with detailed comments and notes (annotations).

DocBridge® Document Viewer has an open REST interface and can be quickly and easily integrated into existing IT infrastructures.

Notes on the Trial Version

Supported Browsers Current versions of Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge Chromium
Languages English, German, French
Supported Formats AFP, PDF, PCL, PS, DOCX, SVG, image formats like JPG, TIFF, PNG or HEIC, data formats json or xml, and many more
Limitations of the Trial Version No own documents can be uploaded
Access Access to the trial version (web-based application) is only possible from this page via the link in the form above

Benefits Using DocBridge® Document Viewer


Thanks to its architecture (REST API), DocBridge® Document Viewer can be easily integrated directly into existing applications and workflows.

Easy to Use

Thanks to DocBridge® Document Viewer's ability to be integrated into all systems, documents can be viewed directly on the screen regardless of the format in which they are available, which specialist application the user is working with and without the installation of software or a browser plug-in.


Users access the high-performance application directly from their workstations via a browser. DocBridge® Document Viewer only needs to be installed once on a central company server. The time-consuming and cost-intensive maintenance of a desktop application is therefore no longer necessary, confidential data does not have to be copied and downloaded by employees to their local computers.


All changes and functional enhancements (for example in the course of release changes) are imported once and are automatically available to all users after implementation. This means that no updates have to be made at the individual workstations (clients).


here are no restrictions in terms of file size (number of pages to be processed) and number of users.

Investment Protection

As a member of the DocBridge® Suite, DocBridge® Document Viewer is based on modern technologies and is continually being developed. Users therefore have the security of always being at the cutting edge of technology.

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Web-Based Multi-Format Viewer for Document Display

  • View and edit documents of any type, format and size in a single application
  • Software is installed only once on the central computer - users access it via browser directly from their workstation
  • Arbitrary scalability according to the current document volume or number of users
  • Metadata and comments are also displayed