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DocBridge® Delta

Quality Assurance in Document Output and Customer Communication Management

At a Glance
Why DocBridge?
  • Productivity
    Analyze and compare complex documents - automated, completely reliable and independent of the format and structure of the files to be checked.
  • Compliance
    Avoid mistakes in document creation and delivery - because they cost time, money and reputation.
  • Production Print Quality
    DocBridge Delta® offers a separately available module for the analysis of print files of different formats (AFP, PDF, PCL etc.) and thus guarantees a smooth production.
  • Safe Handling of Variable Data
    Personalized customer communication is the key word today. With DocBridge Delta®, the complexity remains under control.
  • Corporate Identity (CI)
    Protecting the brand identity of your business is essential. Thanks to the sophisticated testing methods of DocBridge Delta®, you prevent brand-killing deviations.
  • Cost Reduction
    Automated quality assurance pays off quickly: Eliminate expensive reprints. One of the largest printers in the world claims that they do not print a page before running it through Delta first.
  • Transparency
    DocBridge® Delta provides detailed reports for all user groups: developers, analysts, business users, marketers.
  • Format Variety
    DocBridge® Delta guarantees the same high quality standard for documents of every type, structure and source.
  • Ease of Use
    Through the company's web server, the administrator can unlock users without restrictions. A proprietary or locally installed software is not necessary.
  • Functional Scope
    DocBridge® Delta offers a variety of testing methods - from direct document comparison, through regression and iteration testing, to stored rules testing and analysis of high-volume print files.
  • Performance
    The DocBridge® Delta is designed for high throughput and is aimed primarily at companies that produce complex documents in large quantities. Fast and precise analysis is a major benefit.
  • Permissions and Roles
    DocBridge® Delta takes into account different tasks and roles involved in the quality assurance process.
At a Glance
Compare documents or data streams and visualize differences according to predefined rules. Automated document checking (document analysis) with DocBridge® Delta.
Why DocBridge?

DocBridge® provides high-performance, platform-independent and scalable software solutions for omnichannel customer communication and document management.

  • Experts for Omnichannel Document and Output Management
  • Bridge between the analog and digital document world
  • Digital first: state of the art document generation focused on electronic communication
  • Proven expertise in quality assurance, document conversion and mail bundling/postage optimization
  • Wealth of technology and consulting know-how for batch and individual processing

Headquartered in Germany, the company has been a market presence for 30 years, with subsidiaries and a network of partners in Europe, Africa, and North and Latin America.

Compart helps businesses create, produce and distribute documents using applications for compliant and efficient processing of large volumes of data in batch as well as transaction processes.

The DocBridge® product family that Compart develops, sells and supports covers the document and output management process from start to finish: creation, preparation, and output of information on every physical and electronic channel.

The company enjoys a reputation as a trendsetter worldwide. More than 1,500 customers from a wide range of industries in over 50 countries (including banks, insurance companies, energy suppliers, telecommunications companies, print service providers, public administrations, logistics, and healthcare) use Compart applications.

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Automated Document Verification for 100% Quality Assurance

DocBridge® Delta is a productivity-enhancing QA testing software that analyzes and compares electronic documents and verifies compliance.

Test results are presented both visually and in the form of detailed reports. The software is designed for a high level of utilization and supports the requirements of both the development team and professional users.

DocBridge® Delta checks for both intentional and accidental changes, and even points out instances in the document that are not visually discernible, but could lead to production difficulties.

The software compares documents of the same format and in different formats.

The software offers two different test models: an interactive interface for ad-hoc tests and the command line-driven call for automation.

DocBridge® Delta takes into account different tasks and roles involved in the quality assurance process. This allows different output results to be assigned to specific functional areas according to their specific needs.

DocBridge® Delta:
Automated QA

Achieve higher productivity and quality assurance through automated document inspection. Compare document versions with ease.

Our Software: Main Functions and Concept

Architecture and Components
Architecture and Components

DocBridge® Delta offers three Basic Test Methods

  • An interactive interface for ad-hoc testing
  • A command line driven call for automation
  • Web Services

The solution developed by Compart finds and analyzes differences between individual documents electronically and visualizes them as well. In the process, the objects coded in the files are examined down to every detail structure and the differences are displayed - both visually and lyrically. Certain areas can be masked so as to be excluded from the comparison, for example the variable address field.

Visual Document Comparison

In the visual comparison, both documents are rasterized into a pixel image of the same resolution and the converted pixel images are compared with each other - similar to a light table, in which both documents are superposed to recognize differences between them. In the generated file, the pixels matching in both documents are displayed in gray. If, on the other hand, individual pixels only appear in one of the two documents, the pixels present only in the reference document are displayed in green and the corresponding pixels in the document to be matched are displayed in red.

In this way even the smallest differences of objects, such as e.g. margins that differ only by one pixel width, with slightly differently cut characters of a font, instantly recognizable.

If the document to be compared shows that the entire content has been moved, an additional setting can be used to compensate for the offset, in order to be able to check whether there are other differences between the documents besides the shift.

If there are individual pages in the documents to be compared which are not available in the comparison document, they can be suppressed during the comparison, for example, to exclude any additional blank pages from the comparison.

The difference document with the color-separated comparison points is output as a multi-page TIFF document or as a standard PDF.

Structural Comparison at the Object Level

DocBridge® Delta writes the detected differences of the individual objects on each page in detail into a log file. From the entries in the log file, differences can be found e.g. take the following way:

  • Different positioning of objects
  • Content differences of objects such as text differences or different barcode content
  • Different attributes of the same object types, e.g. different fonts or font attributes like font sizes for the same content of the text

Before the check, the documents to be compared are converted to the Unicode-based metaformat so that only real text differences are registered even when using a different code page.

More Comparison Options

In addition to the comparisons in the representations of objects between two documents, DocBridge Delta also offers checks of the following type:

  • Binary comparison between two document files
  • Check for size differences with the optional specification of a minimum value in bits or pixels (only size differences above a certain value are taken into account)
  • Comparison of page number and layout
  • Comparison based on positioning tolerances (only positioning differences above a certain value are taken into account)
  • Excluding definable page ranges for comparison with changing contents such as e.g. Address fields or dates
  • Differences in meta-information such as e.g. different indexes within TLEs in AFP documents or XMP information in PDF documents

What can DocBridge® Delta do?

  • Comparison of documents
    of the same or different format - especially suitable for large production jobs and data streams
  • Visual representation
    of the differences down to pixel size
  • Detailed list
    of differences at the object level
  • Evaluate return codes
    for automated program sequences
  • If the entire page content is positioned differently,
    a shift can be specified for the document to be compared.
  • Pages of the documents to be compared
    can be individually suppressed to make comparisons, for example, even with inserted blank pages.
  • Page ranges with changing content
    such as address fields or dates can be excluded from the comparison.
  • Check for meta-information
    such as indices in TLEs of AFP documents.

Document Designer

uses DocBridge® Delta to adapt, check and authorize the text and layout of templates (adding, changing and removing text modules) in the event of changed terms and conditions, new products and the like.


checks the extent to which changes to the document-generating software affect content, layout and rule compliance (regression/iteration tests).

Print Center Production Manager

uses DocBridge® Delta (Analysis) to determine the data important for high-speed printing (expected ink consumption, page number/size, embedded fonts, images, simplex/duplex printing, CMYK color coverage).


Current Releases

The DocBridge® family of products evolves on a regular basis to meet the latest standards, meet customer needs, and deliver future-proof innovation.

All current and past releases can be found in the customer area.

  • Current Release
    DocBridge® Delta 2.16

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1 Data-Mail
2 Customer Success Story
3 Regression Testing
4 Prediction of Ink Consumption for Print Files
1 Data-Mail
Document Verification and Quality Assurance

Chose DocBridge® Delta in its search for a powerful tool for checking complex documents with variable data. Immediately after the introduction, the employees noticed a significantly higher processing speed in around 80 percent of the checks.

„We have the assurance that all documents to be sent are absolutely correct. Our customers have become so convinced of our high quality that some of them have publicly defined Data Mail as their quality standard."


Chris Bennett Data-Mail
Chris Bennett


2 Customer Success Story
Automated Document Comparison Established

Our customer - a leading provider for business process outsourcing - has been working with the DocBridge® Delta document comparison software since 2012 - and is thus able to compare documents visually as well as on the text level. Even the smallest differences can be detected, even with complex and extensive documents.

Our Customer says:

„Today, document verification is not only more secure, but also more efficient; after all, thanks to automation, employees can concentrate better on their core business."

3 Regression Testing
Regression Testing

Both custom applications and marketable composition software allow you to check all changes and upgrades against legacy applications.

Iteration Testing

Creating a document requires several programming steps and subsequent tests. Changes to existing documents also require a detailed testing process.

Conversion Tests

In business, documents and print files often need to be modified or converted to other formats for production or shipping. Comparison of the original document with the output file guarantees completeness and correctness.

4 Prediction of Ink Consumption for Print Files
Prediction of Ink Consumption for Print Files

The CMYK color coverage in the print file can be used to determine what the expected ink consumption and associated production costs of a print job are.

Checking the Color Coverage Against Agreed Limits

If CMYK color coverage thresholds are agreed with print center customers, DocBridge® Delta (Analysis) monitors compliance with these limits in print files and reports overruns.

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