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DocBridge® Central

Central User Interface, User and Resource Management for Compart Products

At a Glance
Why DocBridge?
  • Ease of use
    Access all installed DocBridge® products, features and components from a central interface with the ability to add optional components and features quickly and easily.
  • Security
    An integrated authentication and authorization module prevents misuse of DocBridge® products, features and components by unauthorized individuals. SSO Connection to external services such as LDAP or Active Directory avaliable.
  • Maintainability
    Updates or releases no longer have to be installed individually on local clients, but are installed on the central server and are immediately available to users according to their access rights.
  • Administration
    Instead of having to configure the user administration separately for each individual DocBridge® product, the solutions and functions or components to which the user has access are defined once.
  • Collaboration
    DocBridge® Central enables users to work on documents in teams, including versioning, and to implement simple approval workflows.
  • Integration
    If additional DocBridge® products are to be implemented at a later date, they can also be installed under DocBridge® Central and are immediately available to users, depending on their authorization, without local installation and without having to get used to a new user interface.
  • Uniform user interface
    DocBridge® Central is the central user interface for DocBridge® products with a uniform "look & feel". Users appreciate the convenient login for all products provided, which can be connected to common directory services (Active Directory, LDAP) if required.
  • Authentication and Authorization (A&A)
    An easy-to-use A&A tool allows central administration of access rights according to the roles assigned to each user.
  • Unified resource management
    DocBridge® Central provides a personal directory for storing resources (templates, documents, images, fonts, process definitions, etc.) for each user, which can be supplemented by a shared team directory. DocBridge® Resource Director as an add-on enables end-to-end versioning, sharing and monitoring of resources and their dependencies, as well as a staging concept across multiple environments (e.g. development, test, production).
  • Optimal prerequisite for cloud
    DocBridge® Central is an end-to-end web-based environment that provides access to the installed DocBridge® products via a browser. Thanks to the modular structure in the form of microservices, the range of functions can be set up as required and extended by adding further services. The services can also be deployed as containers (OCI/Docker) in typical private and hybrid cloud environments and easily orchestrated (e.g. Kubernetes, OpenShift).
At a Glance
Document composition in the web-based editor (Impress Designer) and the composition engine (Impress Engine) - DocBridge® Impress
Why DocBridge?

DocBridge® provides high-performance, platform-independent and scalable software solutions for omnichannel customer communication and document management.

  • Experts for Omnichannel Document and Output Management
  • Bridge between the analog and digital document world
  • Digital first: state of the art document generation focused on electronic communication
  • Proven expertise in quality assurance, document conversion and mail bundling/postage optimization
  • Wealth of technology and consulting know-how for batch and individual processing

Headquartered in Germany, the company has been a market presence for 30 years, with subsidiaries and a network of partners in Europe, Africa, and North and Latin America.

Compart helps businesses create, produce and distribute documents using applications for compliant and efficient processing of large volumes of data in batch as well as transaction processes.

The DocBridge® product family that Compart develops, sells and supports covers the document and output management process from start to finish: creation, preparation, and output of information on every physical and electronic channel.

The company enjoys a reputation as a trendsetter worldwide. More than 1,500 customers from a wide range of industries in over 50 countries (including banks, insurance companies, energy suppliers, telecommunications companies, print service providers, public administrations, logistics, and healthcare) use Compart applications.

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Central Resource and User Management for Compart Products under One Roof

DocBridge® Central is the central user interface for convenient access to DocBridge® products and their functions. It offers a uniform "look & feel", a central user login as well as a common resource management for cross-person, cross-department and cross-divisional collaboration.

DocBridge® Central is completely web-based, modularly structured via microservices and enables the user-specific use of functions as well as their problem-free extension according to the needs or requirements of the user. The corresponding microservices can also be deployed as containers in cloud environments.

Intuitive User Guidance and Access Rights at a Glance

In short: DocBridge® Central can be used to centrally manage licensed Compart products with a consistent and uniform user interface. Each user has differentiated access to the products and features that have been approved for them.

DocBridge® Central is delivered with the purchase of DocBridge® Impress, DocBridge® Gear, DocBridge® Resource Director, DocBridge® Document Viewer and (soon) DocBridge® Spool. Additional products can be added later to an existing DocBridge Central installation.

Central User Interface, User and Resource Management for Compart Products

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