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Universal documents viewer - DocBridge View at Handelsregister Berlin

„DocBridge View offers a very good toolbox for seamlessly integrating the program into existing applications. I am continually surprised at how many options DocBridge View offers.“

Angelika Hübscher

Handelsregister Berlin

Everything at a Glance: An Universal Documents Viewer

The Commercial Register for corporations, cooperatives, partnerships, and associations in Berlin-Charlottenburg uses DocBridge View software to view and process its electronic documents. Judges and judicial officers are able to review the records more easily and pre-registration is more convenient for the branch offices.

One tool for all formats

Wide range of annotations options

Approx. 200 documents for review daily

Easy integration into existing applications

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Everything at a glance

At the Berlin-Charlottenburg Commercial Register, one of the largest judicial organizations in Germany, there were constant problems with displaying electronic documents. So they introduced DocBridge View, the professional software that can display documents of any format in a single application. The judges and judicial officers are now able to process the content of official documents much more quickly and comprehensively. They especially like the many annotation options and the seamless integration into existing IT systems.

Today nearly everything runs electronically at the Berlin Commercial Register. Only cost invoices are prepared in the traditional way. Overall, the Register benefits from much greater efficiency and a reduced workload. Thanks to features that largely surpass those of conventional multi-format viewers, DocBridge View plays a major role. What about display problems? Not any more! “With the new viewer, employees do not have to switch back and forth between different programs and constantly re-adjust,” explains Angelika Hübscher, operations coordinator for the document management system (DMS) in use. Marginal individual enhancements for selected functions are also currently in use, such as in the thumbnail views, search, and preparation for print. In light of their positive experience with DocBridge View, Hübscher reports that the Berlin Commercial Register is very happy they selected the software for this extremely important project.

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Berlin-Charlottenburg Commercial Register is one of the largest judicial organizations in Germany.