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CIO Bulletin - 50 Best  Companies to  Watch in 2021 - Compart CCM


CIO Bulletin has named Compart as one of the 50 Best Companies to Watch in 2021

Brian C. Gasteier the President and CEO of Compart North America, Inc. talks about Compart one of the innovators of Omnichannel Customer Communication.

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Are You up to the Increasing Personalization in Customer Communication?

Gartner and other market analysts define customer communication management (CCM) as a strategy to continually optimize document creation, delivery, archiving/storage, extraction and retrieval. It applies to batch-created transaction documents (invoices, account statements, meter readings, termination notices, rate offers, policies, delivery slips) as well as mass mailings (advertisements, campaigns), and individual correspondence created decentrally.

Customer communication management (CCM) includes all physical and electronic channels through which customers, partners, and suppliers come into contact with a company: email, postal mail, telephone, social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Xing, LinkedIn, blog), various online forums, messenger services (SMS, WhatsApp, Viber, Instagram), web sites and online chat.

Recently document personalization has become a priority in customer communication management. Individualized correspondence has a much greater impact on customers than impersonal mass mailings. The challenge is to reliably manage this personalized form of communication.


„AI makes the customer communication easier, especially in terms of content consistency, and improves the time to market”, says Chris Miller from Messagepoint, a provider of industry leading cloud-based CCM Software solutions for Insurance, Financial Services, Healthcare and Print Service Providers. Watch the full interview.

CCM – Manage Your Personalized Documents with Confidence!

The more individual customer communication is, the more complex the variable data and higher the error risk are. A transparent and effective quality assurance strategy is therefore essential to maintaining a company’s ability to continually adjust its communication to the developments in customer relations.

Transparent management of personalized customer communication with Compart

  • Compart solutions enable a company to quickly modify variable documents, without the risk of error, and send them securely over the desired channel. The solutions are designed for high throughput and work with all electronic and physical output channels.
  • Compart provides support in developing an effective quality assurance strategy across the entire document cycle—from creation and conversion to output.
  • Compart has a wealth of expertise in all the popular data and document formats and can prepare any type of document  and transform it into the desired format.

In sum, Compart solutions guarantee reliable verification of document production, including and particularly high-volume personalized correspondence packed with variable and nested data.