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Accessible Documents Are also Omnichannel Documents

How to create accessible documents to cover universal accessibility, WCAG standards and Section 508 Compliance?

Universally Accessible Documents Are Mandatory

Today documents should be completely accessibility compliant so that they can be used digitally by people without limitations – regardless of their abilities. This is regulated by law and is already mandatory for many industries.

The Problem

Often the documents lack important structural information necessary for a correct reproduction.

The Solution: DocBridge® Impress

With DocBridge® Impress you will be able to create omnichannel accessible documents (WCAG standard PDF/UA) while taking advantage of the opportunity to streamline your document creation process.

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How to Create Accessible Documents with DocBridge® Impress

See how you can future-proof your document processing with DocBridge® Impress software in a smart and simple way, and Section 508 compliant.

Digital First: The Future Is Channel-less

DocBridge® Impress is a scalable, cross-platform and cloud-ready software for page and device-independent document design that is easy to use even by users without profound IT expertise. Documents created are omnichannel-enabled and accessible according to PDF/UA and WCAG. With DocBridge® Impress, users have quick access to all modern digital communication channels.

The solution is built on established design concepts that employees trust and use every day. The generated accessible documents can be distributed as hardcopy or by email, can be displayed on a Web browser, smartphone and tablet, or integrated into existing portals.
Omnichannel-ready with no additional effort.

Why DocBridge® Impress?

Design Once

Design Once

Create a document only once - and distribute it as needed across all channels as desired.

Compliant and Barrier-free

Compliant and Barrier-free

Barrier-free documents such as PDF / UA or WCAG-compliant on the Web can be easily created in compliance with the law.



Generate documents with dynamic content by applying rules of language and business logic, including multilingual options.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

DocBridge® Impress works with existing software solutions. API as well as semi- and fully automated processes for software distribution as web services are available.

Our Software: Main Functions and Concept

Architecture and Components
Supported Formats
Architecture and Components

DocBridge® Impress

The architecture of DocBridge® Impress separates design and composition. The web-based editor (Impress Designer) and the actual composition engine (Impress Engine) can be used combined or separately. Thus, depending on the application scenario the components can be shared or a direct connection between the Impress Engine and existing applications can be realized via web services.

Document Composition with DocBridge Impress

DocBridge® Impress Designer

With this tool the user (e.g. text administrator) creats the document (template) via an intuitive user interface and, if required, supplements it with information on the layout for the digital channels or the print output.

The user can define rules for the business logic and determine whether the document should be generally accessible (accessibility according to WCAG standard PDF/UA) and in which languages it should be available.

Also possible:
  • Insertion of a variety of supported barcodes and control characters (OCR, OMR, IT franking)
  • Preview of the document for all conceivable output channels
  • Conversion to desired target formats - any format supported by Compart is possible (HTML, PDF including specifics, ZUGFeRD, AFP, PCL, PostScript etc.)
  • Transfer to other DocBridge® products such as DocBridge® Pilot for further processing and dispatch via the corresponding channels (paper, web, smartphone, tablet, fax, archive)

DocBridge® Impress Engine

The Impress Engine merges the templates created in the Designer or already available elsewhere with the variable data ("raw data") from business applications and creates the finished documents using the defined rules and the provided resources (images, text modules, etc.).

These can be transferred to other DocBridge® products, such as DocBridge® Pilot, for further processing and distribution or dispatch on the desired channels. Of course, storage in archive systems or return to a business application is also possible.


Document Designer

designs the templates interactively in Impress Designer or directly as HTML5 and makes them available to the text administrators from the specialist departments.

Text Administrator

knows the business processes and defines text modules based on them and the basic rules for communication.


uses the templates provided to create and send everyday customer communication efficiently and error-free.


What are the Strengths of DocBridge® Impress?

  • Intuitive document creation
    in the web-based DocBridge® Impress Designer
  • Template creation
    in HTML5 standard
  • Extensible preview
    for different output channels and devices already during creation (different paper formats, browsers, smartphone and tablet types)
  • Easy integration
    of variable data from the file system or third-party applications e.g. via web services
  • Control of language and business logic
    via graphical user interface or directly in the HTML source code
  • Consideration
    of all necessary functions including barcodes and impositioning
Supported Formats

Supported Formats

  • AFP
  • HTML
  • PostScript
  • SVG
  • Grid format
  • PDF
  • PCL 6
  • IPDS
  • PCL 5
  • (s. Compart Matrix)
Compart Matrix

A complete overview of supported input and output formats is provided in the Compart Matrix.

Compart Matrix

Learn How Easy it Can Be to Create Universally Accessible Omnichannel Documents

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