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Printing first and then discovering mistakes is costly and foolish.

But what are the most important aspects to analyze and compare documents and ensure a reliable quality control for high volume document output?


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Automated Comparison
Rule-based Tests
Address Quality Control
Document Analysis
Regression Test
Automated Comparison

Online, Automated, Easy to Use - Even an Executive Can Do it

What to do if you have to test hundreds of different documents against a certain template, but the files to be checked are not identical in length and structure? Conventional tools only allow automated document comparison if the reference document and the candidate document have exactly the same number of pages.

That isn't always the case.

Some documents are PDF and others are AFP. You want to compare them all.

1:n comparisons: flexible and accurate

The principle: An output file of any length and with different page types is compared with a predefined template page by page. The advantage of this "one-to-many" method: the template (reference document) and the test file (candidate document) do not have to be identical in terms of page size and type. Thus a document to be checked with hundreds of individual pages can be checked against a template of only a few pages with absolute certainty and accuracy.

Important: It is not sufficient to compare documents only on a visual level. Analysis at the pixel level is of little use if only five of the 1,000 deviations found are actually relevant. Rather, it is also a matter of object and text comparison, i.e. the comparison must take place at bit level, because many deviations cannot be detected with the naked eye.

Therefore: get a solutions that allows the greatest possible tolerance during testing without neglecting absolute correctness in content, corporate identity (fonts, layout, etc.) and compliance (legal requirements) (fuzzy methodology).

Good advice for those who have an IT-supported, automated quality assurance system based on stringent strategies. Don't leave your document quality to chance and discover the 7 reasons for automated document checking.

Automated comparison: Do your documents adhere to the template?
  • Every company that runs personalized advertising campaigns is familiar with this phenomenon: the variety of direct mail variants is increasing rapidly. Several thousand different versions within a campaign are not uncommon. It would be a futile undertaking to manually compare each document with the template/template. The risk of errors is too high, especially as the complexity of mailing campaigns increases.
  • A 100% reliable document check is essential. Tools for automated document comparison form the technological basis for this.
Rule-based Tests

Ensure the Compliance of Your Documents!

Documents must comply with various rules, legal as well as industry- and company-related. Support is provided by high-performance software solutions with which documents of all types and formats can be automatically and reliably checked against stored regulations. These can be formal criteria such as compliance with the corporate design (wording, layout, etc.) or the correctness of the addresses, as well as compliance with legal regulations (archiving, traceability, reporting, data protection, etc.).


1. Testing against production-relevant factors
  • If there is sufficient space in the document for the application of various control symbols for enveloping, franking, dispatch, etc., the document is to be sent by post. (e.g. OMR = Optical Mark Recognition)?
2. Testing against postal rules
  • Is the address field designed for shipping?
  • Do the fonts and font sizes used comply with the postal service guidelines?
  • Are all the details required for outputting and sending the document correct and complete?
  • Are there any images and overlays that might interfere with reading the address field?
3. Testing against corporate design rules (CD)
  • Fonts, color, font size
  • Logos
  • Footer/Header
  • Text modules
  • Disclaimers
4. Testing against legal requirements
  • Electronic archiving according to GDPdU
  • Sarbanes Oxley Act (SOX)
  • KonTraG (Act on Control and Transparency in Business)
  • GoBD
  • Codes of Federal Regulations (CFR)
Rule-based tests cover a wide range of testing:
  • Factors relevant to production
  • Postal Rule
  • Rules of Corporate Design (CD)
  • Legal requirements
Checking Compliance of Documents
Address Quality Control

Do You Still Give Away Postage through Wrong Addresses?

Practice shows: Anyone who sends six or seven-digit amounts of mail each year is permanently busy checking the recipient addresses. It's a lot of fun and expensive too. Despite the various address qualification services offered by postal service providers there is still a high risk of returns.

Qualified address management is not something you do on the side. Without professional support from IT solutions for automated and reliable address validation, nothing works here. The challenge: to extract the address from any data stream, to check it for completeness and correctness and, if necessary, to steer the relevant item BEFORE the mail is handed over to the service provider.

No more postage losses due to undeliverable items!

The flexibility of the process control within the DocBridge® Suite allows you to integrate the address qualification services of your preferred address management service provider at any point of document processing.

Compart - your specialist for qualified address management

1. Technology
The solutions of the DocBridge® series offer sophisticated functions for a powerful and reliable address qualification. They are designed for high throughput and offer additional features beyond address qualification that are important for multi-channel output management, such as separating, mixing, converting and merging documents of different formats and types into postage-optimized items, connecting digital dispatch channels, embedding additional information for enveloping, etc.

2. Know-how
Compart has proven expertise in all common document processing formats. This enables specialists to use sophisticated logic to filter out the address from any data stream, "break it down" and check its plausibility (address parsing). This secure and high-quality recognition of addresses, regardless of how they are set, is a unique selling point of DocBridge® solutions.

3. Partnership
Compart cooperates with providers specialized in address qualification and continuously incorporates state-of-the-art technologies in this area into its own solution portfolio. In addition, Compart is a partner of postal service providers worldwide and supports various services for address qualification.

Why address qualification?
  • The average proportion of items that cannot be delivered in a company is 20%. The reason: incorrect or obsolete addresses. Why not rely on qualified address management?
  • So don't leave your address maintenance to chance! Get support from IT solutions that reliably extract addresses from any data stream and check them for correctness.

Compart - your specialist for qualified address management

Document Analysis

Are Your Documents Fit for Secure, Efficient and Complex Production Printing?

Detailed information about the structure of a print file is essential for high quality production printing. It's all about questions such as:

  • Can the document be printed at all on the available system?
  • Does the document even have to be recreated?
  • Are adjustments and changes necessary?
  • Does the file contain all the information required for printing (including control characters for Simplex/Duplex, fonts)?
  • What is the color distribution within the file?
  • The aim of a document analysis is to avoid misprints and production interruptions

With professional software for document analysis, misprints don't stand a chance

Companies that print complex documents in large quantities and in many different formats (AFP, PDF, PCL, Metacode, PostScript, etc.) often do not have sufficient resources to analyze the files comprehensively. This makes software tools that automatically determine all data important for high-speed printing all the more important. These include, among others

  • Expected ink consumption
  • Page number/size
  • Embedded Fonts
  • Number and structure of contained images and graphics
  • Simplex / duplex printing
  • One of the most important features: the determination of the color distribution within a print file. These software tools calculate the exact proportion of CMYK colors required for full color printing - both for the individual page and for the entire document.

The advantage? These results can be used to estimate printing costs even more accurately. What's more, software tools offer the option of storing freely definable maximum values for CMYK analysis. On this basis, it is then easier to assess whether a print job is at all economical. In short: you get a reliable calculation tool and simplify your document checking.

With DocBridge® Delta Analysis, Compart offers an analysis tool for mass printing.

Secure document verification with Compart
  • Software
    Compart offers comprehensive analysis tools for complex and extensive documents in all common formats.
  • Workflow
    Compart supports you in setting up the relevant tests along the process chain.
  • Test methods
    Compart offers solutions for all areas of quality testing in document processing (rule-based tests, template-based tests, regression tests).
Regression Test

Intelligent Analysis Tools for Document Review at Content and Visual Level

Even the smallest changes in the creation and formatting of documents affect their layout and content. Whether a new font, additional pages or a new release of the document-generating software - who knows exactly how the modifications will affect the quality of the documents? Above all: Is every change really relevant for production? A new logo or font size does not necessarily have to have consequences in terms of content. But that's exactly what it's all about. The problem: Conventional test programs only offer visual comparison. But analysis at the pixel level is of little use if only five of the 1,000 deviations found are actually relevant.

Regression testing: Qualified testing and not at any price

The fact is that automated and reliable quality inspection is essential in high-volume document processing - after all, software updates and enhancements are commonplace in companies. Hardly any company has the resources to reliably check the new documents (candidate document) manually against the templates (reference document) during each modification. Especially not with tens of thousands of different document types! Automated regression tests are better, because they are safer and faster. They check all changes and upgrades against the existing applications (legacy) without the employee having to intervene.

  • What is needed are intelligent analysis tools for document comparison that recognize and list every production-relevant deviation.
  • What is needed are test programs that examine documents at object level, i.e. in terms of content, and not just visually.
  • Software solutions with freely selectable tolerance limits and the possibility of excluding areas from comparison are in demand.
Automated document comparison with Compart
  • Intelligent testing
    Compart offers solutions for the qualified content comparison of documents. In addition, they offer the possibility of pixel comparison.
  • Tolerant testing
    The Compart tools can be used to individually define the parameters for testing accuracy. Thus, documents are only examined for the really important criteria.
  • Variable testing
    Compart has developed its solutions in such a way that certain areas can be excluded from document comparison, for example variable fields such as address, date, customer number.
  • Test everywhere
    Compart's solutions are platform-independent, can handle any data format and can be used at any point in document processing.
  • A lot of testing
    Comparts solutions are designed for high throughput.

What's Important?



Specialists for automated document comparison, address qualification, document analysis and various test procedures (regression, iteration and rule-based tests)



Future-proof and scalable IT solutions optimize existing document verification processes and create the basis for one hundred percent quality assurance.



Comprehensive expertise on data streams of any type including analysis, modification, classification, conversion, splitting/mixing and bundling for advanced output management.



Personalization in customer communication and complex legal requirements require reliable quality assurance and high-performance technologies.

Application Scenarios

1 arvato (Bertelsmann): Digital Sniffer Dog for Secure Document Comparison
2 Data Mail: High-performance Verification of Complex Documents with Variable Data
3 Naehas: Automated Document Verification for Mass Production Advertising Campaigns
1 arvato (Bertelsmann): Digital Sniffer Dog for Secure Document Comparison
Digital Sniffer Dog for Secure Document Comparison

Arvato has been working with the DocBridge® Delta test software since 2012 - and is thus able to compare documents visually as well as on the text level. Even the smallest differences can be detected, even with complex and extensive documents. Thanks to the high degree of automation, document checking at arvato is now not only more secure, but also more efficient: Employees can concentrate better on their core business.

  • Approximately 7,000 documents checked daily
  • Almost 100% process reliability
  • Processing of all common data formats


„Today, document verification is not only more secure, but also more efficient; after all, thanks to automation, employees can concentrate better on their core business."

Roger Fuchs,


2 Data Mail: High-performance Verification of Complex Documents with Variable Data
High-performance Verification of Complex Documents with Variable Data

Data-Mail Inc. chose DocBridge® Delta for its search for a powerful tool for checking complex documents with variable data. Immediately after the introduction, the employees were able to significantly increase the processing speed of around 80 percent of the checks.

  • Around 80% of the checks are carried out much faster
  • 1.5 billion shipments per year
  • Around 80% of the tests are carried out much faster


„We have the assurance that all documents to be sent are absolutely correct. Our customers have become so convinced of our high quality that some of them have publicly defined Data Mail as their quality standard."

Chris Bennett, Data-Mail
Chris Bennett


3 Naehas: Automated Document Verification for Mass Production Advertising Campaigns
Automated Document Verification for Mass Production Advertising Campaigns

The increasing number of variants for personalized direct mailing campaigns in large quantities forced Naehas to look for an alternative to the previous manual checking of documents. With DocBridge® Delta, the US company succeeded in establishing an efficient, because automated, digital verification process that could also be seamlessly integrated into existing document processing.

  • Several thousand different versions within one campaign
  • 100% completeness and rule conformity
  • At least 60 minutes time saving per test

„DocBridge Delta is the only tool of its kind that is not only powerful and extremely reliable, but also fits perfectly into our portfolio. For our customers, this makes document verification much more efficient"

Rodger Smith, Naehas
Rodger Smith


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