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Color Management in Document Processing

First analyze the structures, then define the workflows

Color conversion: Before, after, or during?

ICC color profiles can be implemented at different points in document processing. Each method of color management has its advantages and disadvantages. A decision is therefore best on a case-by-case basis. But nothing is possible without a thorough up-front analysis of the existing IT structures. Color quality would otherwise fall by the wayside.

Introduce color into your multi-channel document management – but at the right place and with the help of an experienced partner!

The output and document management structures in the company are key to the approach. If, for example, document creation and output are not separate and there are many different document-generating systems, you need to address the following questions: Can document creation and output be decoupled? Centralizing output would allow color adjustment to be implemented at that point.

If decoupling is not an option, color values must then be implemented on the generation side. The challenge: The systems need to communicate with the color converter in compliance with the rules.

There are basically three ways to implement the ICC profiles.

  • During creation
  • During processing
  • During output

Color management - rely on Compart

  1. First the structures, then the workflows

    Compart analyzes your document processing structures and develops customized models for implementing ICC profiles.

  2. Know-how is a must

    Compart cooperates with the leading manufacturers of printing machines and has solid expertise in full-color digital printing.

  3. For every format

    For over 20 years, Compart has specialized in optimizing and modifying data streams of varying formats. Thanks to its comprehensive know-how in (color) conversion, Compart guarantees 100 percent rendering of ICC color values.

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