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The complete solution for interactive customer communication on all channels

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1. Automated

Inbound and outbound
Omnichannel Customer Communications across all analog and digital channels – from content creation and email processing to delivery. Centrally stored data and platform flexibility equals consistent results.

2. Interactive

Customer Experience Management
Meet rising customer expectations with complex personalized Customer Communication combined with reliable control – especially when dealing with high volumes and a large amount of variable data.

3. Modular

Component-based CCM software
Integrate new applications and services into existing IT structures at will via open interfaces enabling the creation of companies new scenarios in modern communication and customer correspondence.

DocBridge® CCM Software

Together, we leverage our passion for customer communications to develop forward-thinking innovations that contribute to mutual growth and, more importantly, our customers' success.
Connecting people, systems and companies.

What can DocBridge® help you with?

Omnichannel Communication
Input Management
Omnichannel Communication

Omnichannel content on all analog and digital channels

  • Create a document only once and use the Customer Communication tool to distribute it automatically to all required channels.
  • Design directly in the web browser – template based, personalized, interactive, multilingual.
  • Interactive preview during creation – test output appearance on all media.
  • Thanks to its well thought-out architecture, DocBridge® is scalable as required and allows future digital channels to be integrated as needed, thus adapting customer correspondence to ongoing developments on the software side.
  • A central platform connects the existing IT systems with all conceivable analog and digital communication channels and thereby enabling a mutual omni-channel data exchange.
Input Management

Standardization in digital inbox

  • Extraction and central storage of data as the basis for automated future processing of documents (e.g. case-closing processing, based on "artificial intelligence" methods).
  • Scalable and high-performance conversion of incoming documents into rule-compliant archivable, barrier-free, protected and searchable formats (including PDF/A, PDF/UA, XInvoice) - depending on requirements.
  • Typical activities of digital incoming mail including text analysis (e.g. opening/reading of emails, "unpacking" of email attachments).
  • Receipt, classification and assignment of incoming content of any type such as emails plus attachments, scans, faxes, digitally generated files including Office formats such as WORD, voice and messenger messages, images generated with mobile devices.

Document creation in the cloud

  • Companies migrating more business applications to the cloud, especially omnichannel customer communication and all customer correspondence applications. Compart applications can be linked-on to existing infrastructures via API, quickly and easily adding powerful functionality to communication processes.
  • Omnichannel-capable documents can be created from the "cloud", printed and sent on all analog and digital communication channels.
  • The data required for omnichannel document generation resides in the cloud (e.g. in Salesforce, another CRM or ERP system, or in a private cloud) and is transferred from there to DocBridge® Customer Communication Software via a standard interface (e.g. REST API) for content generation.
  • There, the data is merged with the template valid for the respective document type (thank you letter, donation receipt, welcome letter, etc.). This can be done ad hoc with individual documents or in batch with several data records at once.

Consolidation of all relevant data

  • Automated consolidation of data from various document production systems, including the relevant hardware and software solutions from Compart and third-party providers.
  • Central and unified repository, flexibly adaptable to specific requirements (including new communication channels, company growth).
  • Comprehensive auditing of all processes, systems and events within multichannel communication.
  • The collected data can be prepared and graphically visualized in the form of reports and dashboards.
  • Proactive notifications via email.
  • The user interface does not require installation on the client and can be extended and customized according to customer and user requirements.

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Omnichannel communication today means automating as many document-relevant processes as possible on the analog and digital channels - from the creation of correspondence to processing and dispatch. Automated email processing and monitoring of document production also play a crucial role. The basis for this is consistent data that is stored centrally and is available at all times for personalized customer communications. DocBridge® Customer Communication Software is a solution developed from concrete customer requirements: to generate, manage and provide omnichannel communication on all analog and digital channels in the interest of a consistent, compliant and personalized customer experience.

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